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Never expect an ideologue purist of the left/right or elsewhere in the true believer world to solve problems. They, first and foremost, are totally focused on ideological purity. To solve problems, you need to turn to pragmatists. Purists cannot make deals requiring compromises. Purity is more important to them than progress. When looking for leadership you won’t find it in the ranks of the extreme left or right.

When he raves on and on about the RN Convention and its rules, Paul Ryan, The Speaker of the House, looks and sounds, like a professional bean counter. “The rules are the rules.” Baloney what if they are undemocratic and have the main purpose of negating the votes of the people in favor of the Republican Party hacks who have been getting away with this dishonesty for far too long. Maybe the rules should be junked in favor of the millions of primary voters. What is so sacred about the 1237 number? With multiple candidates that is a hard number to get. Maybe that is why Gov. Kasich was encouraged to keep running so the Republican Party hacks can have their open convention and again show the people how little they care about their votes. A sad state of affairs.

What is Governor Kasich doing? Is he a viable candidate? Hardily, he has a good resume but is a hopeless campaigner. He won Ohio after a hard campaign and that is his home state where he controlled the state’s political machine. How can he afford to keep campaigning? He has no chance of topping either Trump or Cruz. He is like a vulture circling the Cleveland Convention looking and waiting for the political death of Trump and Cruz at the hands of RNC and its archaic rules. Kasich must be funded by and doing the bidding of the ‘Never Trump’ movement. He makes it harder for either Trump or Cruz to win a majority of the vote, clearing the way for a contested convention. Doesn’t he realize the political class will either throw him under the bus or pat him on the head and send him back to Ohio just before they bring in their candidate.

Are South Carolina Republican politicians listening to the people? Don’t think so. The People voted overwhelming for Mr. Trump yet Governor Halley, Trey Gowdy and both Senators are supporting Senator Cruz. What do they know, we do not? Maybe they are thinking they are part of the establishment of the political class that knows better than the people who elected them. Even the Tea Party has lost its way and doesn’t listen to its members or even ask them. Tea Party surveys of their membership are primarily an undisguised form of soliciting funds. How quickly politicians become inner directed.

If the Republican National Committee and the Republican political class don’t want to honor our votes in the primary, how can they believe the votes will be there in November? At least they are consistent, they never listen to the people. The talking heads and RNC officials are yammering ‘the rules are the rules’ for delegate selection. What they don’t say is why are those particular rules in place.

They are not designed to aid the democratic voting process in the future. They were crafted in the past to make sure the political party officials maintained control over candidate selection. They didn’t then or now trust the people to choose the candidate. The people might decide they don’t need the members of the political insider elite to keep hanging around. Anything other than a true primary where the people vote for a candidate and the candidate with the most votes wins is not a democratic process no matter the arcane rules involving the selection of individual delegates.

Bottom line, it is a divide and conquer tactic for local, state and national party officials to ensure they get a candidate they want. What happened in Colorado and could happen with the uncommitted delegates in Pennsylvania, regardless of the rules or when they were published, is a disgrace and to continue to defend this process is shameful.


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3 responses to “INSIGHTS 258 Blog Bits and Pieces

  1. Ruby Sue Tootser

    Great post,

  2. Cole Waite

    There has to be some system in place to prevent some far out radical movement from taking over our political system. The current system does this even though it also allows the party in power to stay in power.
    One man one vote is the democratic way but we are not a democracy we are a republic where we elect representatives to vote for us.
    A true democracy allows for mob rule this is the system that brought down the Roman Empire and led the rulers into outright debauchery. We have seen a glimpse of this in the election of Obama and the results we have received by electing an ideologue.
    Our existing system is a lousy system but is the system we have and until somebody can figure out a better system we have to support this system as it does the best job of electing our leaders.
    I don’t quite understand your position here as throughout your life in the service of the country I would expect that you did many things that needed to be done that you never got the peoples permission to do.

    One man one vote is unconstitutional.

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