INSIGHTS 261 The Meltdown

Donald Trump has met the only person who could destroy his candidacy for President and that is his inner self. He has defeated himself with his focus on his personal agenda. I don’t see how he can come back or should come back from his failure to put the people first. He has betrayed the millions of Americans who placed their hope and trust in him. He should withdraw and let the convention select another candidate. We believed in him but he didn’t believe enough in us.


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2 responses to “INSIGHTS 261 The Meltdown

  1. John Nugent

    Dear Barry: Well said. We have created a condition in the US where good people will not run for office. Trump cannot control his mouth. He is like a spoiled little kid. And with Clinton, it is like we are becoming Argentina with the Kirchners and Perons. John

    • John,
      What a let down! For a time I was willing to overlook the words that Trump spouted. The last is just too much. But what will happen now? We can’t endure another eight years of Progressivism under any of the current Democrat/Socialists.

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