Saying stupid things does not make you a racist. The way you live your life makes it clear if you are a racist or not. Although the Speaker of the House used the word in a reference to Mr. Trump’s stupid comments about an American judge with a Mexican heritage. Stupid undisciplined comments do not make you a racist, no matter how hard the left-wing media tries.

They do show, however, that Mr. Trump doesn’t seem to realize he is now the prime actor on the big stage. No one wants to hear about Trump University or how some judge is treating Mr. Trump unfairly. The subject is trivial and the unfair comments sound like whining. When he focuses on the trivia of his personal life, he is neglecting the millions of people who support him. They want to hear him talk about fixing America. Not about the tale of Trump University. Leave that to his lawyers and his very competent family. Let’s hope we never hear him talk about Trump University again. Win, lose or draw. We just don’t care.

Get on message about “Making America Great Again.” Mr. Trump has some great people around him. He needs to listen to them. He needs them. He has huge gaps in what we expect a presidential candidate to know and understand. The Nation needs his leadership now. The Progressive/Socialist campaign of President Obama has done extensive damage to our economy, national security, medical care and our traditional world leadership role. Our candidate for President needs to focus on the big picture and get on with saving America.


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One response to “INSIGHTS 262 TRUMP IS NO RACIST

  1. Cole Waite

    Mostly spot on but you are still treating him like Reagan was treated as just an actor or Eisenhower as just a General. Trump is just a Billionaire. I expect him to be as great a President as they were. He has the creds, he’ll learn just as they did. Have faith… I pray.

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