Don’t expect a change in the President’s approach to the attacks on the Homeland by Islamic Jihadists. He and the rest of the liberal far left while whining shamelessly about gun control as if legislation is the way to fight enemies who are trying to kill as many Americans as possible. Can’t blame the Democrats. They are gone. They failed to protect their centrist political traditional position and are being replaced by Progressives who are at best dedicated Socialist and worst revolutionaries aimed at transforming America. Another Alinsky word for an elite run socialist economy and one party political system.

It doesn’t matter if the President says “Radical Islam or Jihadists. He won’t do anything about it. Except, try harder to close Guantanamo Bay. People will flock to a winning political ideology. Belonging to a winner is a strong motivation. If ISIS was being destroyed on the battlefield and losing its foothold in many nations, it would have trouble recruiting new fighters. Allowing ISIS to control large portions of the Middle East from Lebanon to the Afghan/Pakistan border makes their way of life and Sharia Law attractive to those who want to be a part of a new world order.

Neither President Obama or his closest ideological partner, Hilary Clinton, believe in the ‘America First’ approach. Looking into their actions over the last seven and a half years do you find evidence that they have put America first in any of their endeavors? Trade deals, Iran’s nuclear program, responding to the re-emergence of Russian and Chinese imperialism, the weakening of the economy and our military, immigration and the maintenance of our tradition relationship with foreign nations.

The Progressives are not ‘American First’ people. They are in favor of curtailing American military and economic power and increasing the power of international organizations. They even believe America should give control of the internet to an international organization. These actions are consistent with the Progressive belief that America is the problem. By weakening America, they are making the world a better place.

There is no hope of winning the real war being waged by Radical Islamists against America until all the Progressives have been voted out of power. If we fail, there may not be another chance in 2024.

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