Let’s fast forward to January 2017. The election is over, the Inauguration is over and the process of a new president taking over the running of America has begun. Enough  Republicans stayed home during the November voting period and too many independents decided no change was better than a wholesale turnover of the Obama government to Donald Trump. The election was close but the Obama electoral coalition held together and the voters gave the Progressives four more years to transform America.

President Clinton staffed her cabinet with proven left-wing Progressives. Her coattails were strong enough to pull in a majority of Senate Members and produce a nearly equal number of Progressive Democrats in the House. In short order Obamacare, now called Hillary care by the media, became the law of the land. A “single payer” system removed all doubt that America now had a true socialized medicine system. Some tenets of her medical care plan that she proposed under her husband’s presidency such as making it a felony for a doctor or patient to participate in providing or receiving medical treatment outside the government medical system were included. Cost savings were introduced by severely limiting medical treatment for all Americans over 72 years of age.

Taxes on wealthy Americans with incomes in excess of $100,000 and corporations were increased. The minimum hourly wage was increased to $20.00 and unemployment benefits were extended to four years. The resulting loss of income due to falling tax revenues and rising unemployment was offset by further drastic cuts in military spending. An easy path to citizenship was extended to all illegal or “undocumented” immigrants. The nation’s borders were virtually open, both to the South and the North. The nation’s health care and unemployment benefits as well as the food stamp program were expanded and extended to everyone residing in the United States. Residents and voters not contributing to the national revenue greatly outnumbered the tax payers.

Large infra structure programs were being pushed through Congress to provide jobs for the unemployed.  Over runs of the budget were predicted. To manage the economy, various bills were proposed that would nationalize the large banks and credit institutions. A minority of Americans spoke and wrote of the dangers of a one-party system of government. The White House was lobbying for small changes to the Constitution that would allow national gun control, limit media outlets, including the internet, from political criticism of the government and provide more Government control over the curriculum of both public and private educational institutions. Many of these measures carried felony penalties for individuals and institutions that met the criteria defining prosecutable violations of the limits of free speech.

Pay attention! We cannot let this happen!

My latest novel, The Sub Rosa Manuscript by Barry Kelly gives, I believe, a clear understandable account of the steady erosion of the personal and economic freedom we inherited from the sacrifices of those who went before us. It is now our turn to protect our inheritance by rejecting the empty promises of progressivism.

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