INSIGHTS 270: The Rule of Law is Broken in America

Washington Monument 

The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Our Founders, The Separations of Powers, and the blood and sweat of our ancestors all combine to make America a very special place. All of these elements rest on the “Rule of Law.” When an Administration like President Obama’s, disregards the Rule of Law they are trashing the very core of America’s existence.

The Rule of Law doesn’t provide total equality for all people. Slogans spouting sound bites such as “a fair shot for everyone,” “equal opportunity for all” “everyone deserves a fair share” are the false promises that permeate socialist speeches. The Rule of Law does, however, provide equal protection under the law from the arbitrary excesses of government and the protection of life and property by the government. This protection must be provided equally to all citizens, all the time, regardless of wealth, economic stature, race, religion or political position. Justice must be blind in its application to all. When it is not, our society will begin to unravel, for the Rule of Law is what holds our nation together. It is what finally triumphed over evils like slavery, racial and religious discrimination and inequality of opportunity to be all you can be. This is unique to America. It did not arrive here with our waves of immigrants. Instead it is what brought them to take the risks of moving to a new land.

You would think the Director of the FBI and the Attorney-General of the United States would base all their finding on the firm belief that the same law is applied equally to all people. Apparently not. They are united in, perhaps the worst example of ignoring the equal application of the law to all since the Jim Crow Laws. They have decided that some higher principle led them to decide members of political dynasties with wealth and powerful political positions are above the law. Whatever they have done in the past to earn their current positions is now lost in the shame of not having the courage to provide their fellow citizens with the equal protection and application of the law. How can we be assured they will not ignore the Rule of Law in some other case? We cannot, and that is the real tragedy of their failure to apply the law equally to all citizens.


My latest novel, The Sub Rosa Manuscript by Barry Kelly gives, I believe, a clear understandable account of the steady erosion of the personal and economic freedom we inherited from the sacrifices of those who went before us. It is now our turn to protect our inheritance by rejecting the empty promises of progressivism.

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