The Professor: Guns, Tweets and Socialism.

The following is a fictional account of the written and oral communications between a political science professor and the students of an honors seminar in an East Coast liberal arts college.

As summer drags on, I find myself surrounded by books, the process people of academic life and my own musings. I find my own thoughts seem to have more relevance in the world you are preparing for. To understand the way people have been ruled and governed over the course of history, you must work your way back to basics. As I see it, the most profound problem facing you is the conflict between freedom of choice and socialism. That choice is about as basic as political science can get.

When I was thinking about this age-old conflict last night, I concluded that the message of socialism where everyone is taken care of and some central group of elites deals with all problems, relieving the people of the difficult choices life presents. No message has presented a more attractive option to the people than socialism. For it provides security and prosperity for all through the establishment of a political party that is also the centralized government. The reality is that with a one-party ruled government, freedom of choice is gone and with it individual excellence. Remove the market place of competing choices and what is left is a government that must turn to coercion to ensure that its choice prevails.  Socialists have no other option. Thinking independent men and women do not follow the dictates of a centralized government without resisting.

There has never been a socialist governed people who could own and use firearms, and to tweet their ideas and comments to anyone willing to read them. America has a unique history. It was founded by working people who used their guns and freedom of expression to break free from British rule. The government they established was built on pillars of individual freedom. Perhaps the First and Second Amendments are the strongest of these pillars. The Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, is necessary to protect the First Amendment of free speech and assembly.

European socialist governments, including the British, have not allowed the people to own firearms. The European ruling classes have always feared uprisings by the masses, a socialist term for the people. These two freedoms, free speech and ownership of firearms, are linked together. Without these two essential freedoms, there can be no freedom of choice. The Socialist/Progressives understand this and will never include the right to bear arms in any socialist government. Don’t be confused by the promises freely made by Socialists. Their message is insidious and carefully hides the true repressive nature of their doctrine. Remember, examine the basics of the historical examples. Cuba is a good example.

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  1. John Nugent

    How right you are. There is no socialist cornucopia – except for those in charge. I remember a quote attributed to Lenoid Breshnev’s mother when he took her to see his famous car collection (Mesaratis, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, etc.). She grabbed his arm in shock, and said: “Lenoid, you better make sure the communists don’t see these”.

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