Professor and The Nunes Memo

 A  fictional discourse between a political science Professor and his students.

The Professor greeted his Seminar students and said, “You all are doing well.
Some of you need to work on your personal confidence factor. The people you will be working for will be constantly assessing you. You will be playing in the biggest game of all.

“For example, right now this Nation is involved in a great crisis. Yes, I’m speaking about the Nunes Document and the various reactions to it. You all know that I worked in the Reagan White House the last two years of his second term. I had several routine duties. One that took very little time and was always approved, was the Intelligence Community requests to the FISC, The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. They were all relatively brief, clearly written and highly classified. They had to be handled quickly due to the nature of the collection target.

“There was great trust between the Court and the intelligence collectors. I never saw or even suspicioned that any deception was involved. All the FISC requests that came through the Reagan White House were approved quickly by the a FISC judge. None were controversial. The Judges, then and now, would have been astounded and outraged by the process exposed by Rep. Nunes.

“The Rule of Law is, perhaps, the single most important pillar of  American Democracy. Using evidence provided by sources paid for by the Clinton Campaign, the Democratic National Committee and rogue elements of the FBI and Department of Justice to secure a warrant to surveil American citizens who happen to represent an opposing political party presents a very serious crisis to our entire legal system. The elements of the Intelligence Community, the Justice Department and the FBI who knowingly participated in this illegal process must be held accountable through the Grand Jury process and a Special Counsel who was not part of this illegal process or a confident of those who did.

“The current Special Counsel, Robert Mueller’s highly partisan investigation must be ended or put on hold until the men and women of the FBI and Justice Department who were knowingly involved in this illegal activity are, at least, removed from office and put on administrative leave. Mueller has found absolutely no evidence of collusion which is not a crime. His now illegal search for “obstruction of justice” actions on the part of the President are nothing short of a continuation of the discredited FISC warrant. I believe Mr. Mueller’s activities under this illegal warrant should be one of the subjects for investigation by a legitimate appointed authority. As part of the clean up process, Attorney-General Sessions and several others should be given a chance to step down or be fired. Compared to the activities laid out in the Nunes memo, Watergate looks like a minor event that received appropriate responses.”


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2 responses to “Professor and The Nunes Memo

  1. Cole Waite

    Good to hear from you. I don’t understand where Sessions has involment before he was AG. Most of what he is doing now is classified?

    • Cole,
      Sessions was public prosecutor in Alabama before coming to the Senate where he served with distinction on various committees, including judicial. What he is doing now is a guess. It is close to nothing. He was the first senator to come out for Trump. I thought he would be a good choice. Wrong! I think he is just so far over his competence level, he can’t function.

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