Put yourself in President Trump’s position. Serious national security crises are looming. Just to name a few, North Korea, Russia, China and Iran. Your first responsibility as President is to protect the American people. You can’t do that with words alone. Diplomacy is useless without military muscle to back it up. Under Obama and the RINO republicans the military was badly under funded thanks to sequestration policies. Don’t forget the RINOS  in the Senate and House supported the Obama policy of sequestration that brought the American military down to pre WWII strength. Now that you gave the Republicans the House, the Senate and the White House they are still willing to under fund military and national security requirements. Border security being a glaring example.

Without true Conservative leaders as the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader in the Senate, President Trump has to make compromises he doesn’t want to support. But without giving Pelosi and Schumer what they wanted he could not get the desperately needed jump-start required to bring the military up to the strength required to defend our country. Mr. Ryan and Mr. McConnell need to be replaced. That is what all conservative Republicans should be focused on. Deal with the real problem. It is not the Progressive Democrats. It is the Republican Congressional leadership or lack thereof. They would not shed a tear over the failure of the Trump Presidency.


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  1. Cole Waite

    If They were drafted into their positions how are they going to find someone willing to replace them? Think of you often, as the Lord shall lead you.

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