The danger from within still lurks

We have a large percentage of socialist-leaning citizens in America. These are the people who welcomed Obama as a transcendental leader who would cure all of America’s faults, starting with the transfer of wealth among citizens and also among nations. The core of the progressive/socialist philosophy is to share the wealth according to a long-held dream of Marxists. It makes no difference that this scheme has never worked on any scale.

Obama and his team were  dedicated to making America just another nation in an international organization. I believe Obama intended to destroy our military power. He believed his words could bring about a much better world than we had before his rise to power. I believe he wasted more American blood and wealth than any other president. Weakness and failure to see the world as it was brought us closer to global conflict than anytime since the end of WWII. Peace doesn’t come from weakness. It comes from strength and the principles that made us what we are today.

Now  Obama’s deep state followers are still the greatest danger from within we have faced since the Civil War. They must be removed from DOJ, FBI,  State, CIA, the National Security Staff, the IRS and several other critical government departments and agencies.

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