A ‘gotcha’ question from the media in Helsinki regarding the question of Russian meddling in the American elections of 2016. “Mr. President, Do you believe President Putin or the US Intelligence Community on the issue of Russian meddling in the 2016 national elections? There is no direct answer to that question, other than, “I don’t believe either one.” An honest but not very diplomatic response for a historic meeting between the two Presidents. Russia may have meddled or tried to meddle in the elections but without any significant impact. They just don’t have the capability to change the outcome of a national election in America. If we continue to do a poor job of cyber defense, for the next decade. Maybe. The danger of the people’s’ will being circumvented does not lie with hostile foreign nations. The danger is from our socialist democratic party and an entrenched partisan civil service.

The flood of information pouring out about illegal activities of the Justice Department and the FBI is staggering and more is being exposed everyday. How could President Trump believe anything coming from a FBI or Department of Justice official? Senator McConnell, either cannot or will not, get Trump candidates thru the Senate confirmation process. As a result many highly partisan Obama leftovers are still in important policy positions. Until the FBI, IRS, CIA, DOJ and DNI have  been purged and new blood from the Trump Administration moved into those Departments and Agencies, the President will not be able to believe his own Intelligence Community. Simply replacing the head of the organizations is not enough. The Trump appointees to run the FBI and the Department of Justice prove that point.





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