“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 14

It was late the next afternoon before the Charleston attackers all made their way JWM Serializationseparately to Columbia, SC. The Professor listened to their separate debriefings from behind a screen and sent them all to Myrtle Beach to await further commands.

The Professor had two groups waiting for him in Myrtle Beach, one group of young White Aryans and the other of more Black al Qaeda recruits. All Americans were recruited in the US and trained in Somalia. His plan was simple. The Aryans, dressed to look like the old KKK, would attack and burn a number of Black churches between Georgetown, SC, and Savannah, GA. The Black al Qaeda group would retaliate for the burning of the Black churches by attacking white churches and wealthy white residential neighborhoods. Each attack had to be quick and decisive. No one could be captured. The Black al Qaeda team, using motorcycles, would hold their attack until the White KKK group in pickup trucks finished their work and the news media focused on the attacks. The Professor picked one man in each group to be the enforcer. Anyone in danger of being captured would be killed. Now he had time to prepare his two suicide car bombers.

The Professor checked into a three-star motel near Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach. Here he could use one of his American aliases. The constant coming and going of tourists provided him with a perfect background. There was no real security check. He was amazed that the possession of any credit card and, in some cases, a driver’s license was all that was needed as long as one had enough cash. In the Great Satan, profit ruled. It was simple. If you had credit, it trumped any need for cumbersome background checks, especially for prosperous Americans.

The Professor was an excellent language student and his American accent was flawless. He took steps to protect his American alias. No one associated with his great plan would ever meet him where he was staying. In two hours, just after dark, he would meet his two male drivers. The young girls of Muslim faith from good Palestinian families were the actual suicide bombers. The families would be well rewarded after the incidents. There would be no questions. The girls would be martyrs and Jihadist heroes. They would follow the instructions of his two drivers.

His second in command arranged for the logistics needed. All the girls had to do was take over the driving of their cars for the last half-mile. Their handlers would get the girls behind the wheel with their left wrist handcuffed to the steering wheel. The handlers controlled the timing of the detonation. Timed right, the explosion would cause damage and deaths within 100 feet. The car bomb attacks were scheduled to occur within a five-minute window in different parts of the city. After the Professor prayed with the martyrs, he sent them and their handlers to the rug shop in Charleston under escort of Joseph Green, the man the Professor had instructed Joel Hankins, the owner of the rug shop, to hire.

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