“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 17

The hours passed slowly as they always did in a static stakeout. Jack finished his thermosJWM Serialization of coffee, made a trip to the head and resettled behind the “scope” watching the rug shop. A single white male in his twenties stepped up on the porch and went to the rug shop. Well, at least something was happening. Ten minutes later the same man came out of the shop, posed momentarily for good photos as Jack clicked away, and then walked west on Market Street.

Before he was out of sight, Jack saw the garage doors behind the shop open up. Focusing on the open doors, Jack waited, camera ready. His patience was rewarded as he saw two cars ease down the alley way and nose into the open garages. The doors closed immediately, and he was cut out from any more views of the cars or their passengers. He noted the license numbers as they pulled into the garage, even though he was sure the photo surveillance caught both plates. Both cars were older models. One was a blue Mercury sedan, the other a gray Honda van. It looked as if there was one passenger in each front seat. The passengers might have been females, judging from their size and clothing. Jack was checking the digital images when Kathy used her key to open the door.

“First, gimme a hug! I just recruited Lou and his hacker daughter to join us.”

“And what else?”

“They will be in the downtown Marriott in an hour and will call us from there. I think we should bring them both here and brief them on the OP rules you will make up as you talk to them. They are hurting financially and want the work. I believe his daughter, Storm, is also a little bored working in camera shop. Oh, there is another rule. Jack Brandon is only allowed occasional random glances at Miss Storm. She is unattached, quite beautiful and very intelligent. She is quick and probably has good street smarts, as well as hacking skills. I like her. But, remember, touching is not allowed without my express permission and that will never happen.”

“Anything I shouldn’t say?”

“I didn’t tell them about our contact with Frank. I wouldn’t use any names or organizations. Just let them know we take direction from the good guys. Now, what can you tell me?”

“Just before you came in, we had some action across the street. Two cars came down the alley and pulled into the double garage attached to the rug shop. I’m not a hundred percent certain but I believe five people, including two females were in the cars.”

“My God! Jack, they must be getting ready to set off a couple of car bombs soon.”

“Yeah, I thought that was the most likely option, especially with the two females. And those two cars are the only ones we have ever seen going into the garage. Hankins leaves his van on the street.”

“This must be almost a done operation. The cars wouldn’t be here unless they were loaded with explosives. The females will be the drivers and martyrs. The men will handle all operation details and get the women ready. Most likely the cars will be detonated by remote signal. At least that is the M.O. al Qaeda has used in the past. We have very little time.”

“I’m going to call Frank now.”

When the call was answered, Jack was put through to Frank. After bringing Frank up to date, he said, “I’m sure you and Kathy are right. The logistics have been completed. They will want a daytime attack to kill the most people. They will move tomorrow. We have very little time. We cannot let the car bomb attack succeed, and we cannot tip off the Professor. Your thoughts?”

Jack said, “I’ll call you back within the hour.”

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