There’s one week left until Election Day.

America is still teetering on the brink of socialism. One party, the Republicans (really the Trump Party), stands for small government, individual choice and freedom. The progressive or socialist party (once known as the Democrats) wants big government managed by an elite group that focuses on the greater good for all rather than individual choice and freedom.

The socialist message can be alluring to the have-nots, the takers, a number of do-gooder groups, and educators, all who believe in redistribution of wealth both domestically and worldwide. Management by an elite group is necessary for the success of the socialist plan. They distrust the election process and government by those who have won an election.

The downfall of all previous socialist governments lies in their necessity to increasingly centralize government to reach the goals allotted to each economic sector. Remember, their mantra is: “Control the means of production.” Unfortunately, overcentralization makes the management of government so complex no one can manage the result. Before total failure comes increasing coercion to make people follow the guidance of the socialist elite.

There are many examples of the failures of communist and socialist nations. Cuba and Venezuela are the most recent. On a more massive scale, Russia, Eastern Europe, and China have shown the cost of socialism and communism in human terms. Tens of millions have died under the control of the elites.

Once voted in, there is no easy way out. There will not be another election to change from a socialist government. That’s the promise of all totalitarian governments.

What are you voting for?

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    This blog is great Barry! I have just finished forwarding to a couple of staff at Church Minister and assistant) asking to forward to any others they want.

    Have a good day and thank you! e

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