After Election Day, what?

I’m confident that after the votes are counted, the Republicans will more than hold their current edge in the House and pick up at least four more Senate seats. The polls were way off in 2016 and they haven’t changed how the polling system works. The enthusiasm and crowds visible at all the Trump rallies are more indicators of voting tendencies than the establishment polls.

The real question is what will President Trump do after winning the mid-term election against historical precedent and the analysis from myriad talking heads? I believe he will immediately move to fund the border wall and deal with the Deep State.

Getting the border wall funded should be easy with a new Speaker of the House and a few more yes votes in the Senate.

The Deep State is another matter. It will require some heavy lifting from some of the RHINOS who still doubt the existence of President Obama’s weaponization of the civil service, especially in the FBI, the Intelligence Community, DOJ, and the Department of State. I think the President will first get rid of Attorney Jeff Sessions, his Deputy Ron Rosenstein, and Mr. Mueller. That will clear the way for a new attorney general to restore the “rule of law.”

Once Senator McConnell gets the President’s nominations for senior staff positions through the Senate’s approval process, President Trump will be ready to get rid of all the Obama implants that are obstructing his programs. When the President nominates new people for the DOJ and the FBI, we will see the “rule of law” reapplied and the people responsible for attempting to overthrow the Trump Administration and rights of our citizens brought to justice.

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