Managing the presidential dialogue

Being able to recognize and change the current political dialogue to support your goals is the mark of a very skilled politician. I’m talking about President Trump. The dialogue about the caravans, border security, sanctuary cities, and the economy is just about perfect. Until he has workable majority in the House and Senate and no cliff-hanging Rhinos, he will not raise the issue of the ‘Deep State’ or begin serious investigations of the crimes of Obama administration.

Before an investigation could start using the prosecutors of DOJ and the convening of a Grand Jury, the President would need to fire Jeff Sessions, Ron Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, and several others. A huge change in the national dialogue would sweep the nation. Some weeks would pass before the media, especially the left-wing media, would give up attacking the President for obstructing justice and colluding with the Russians.

To avoid losing control of the dialogue, the President will delay some or all of these actions until he has the time to set the stage by releasing many declassified documents that will show the involvement of several high-ranking Democrats involved in illegal activities to try and destroy the Trump presidency.

I wonder what the prosecutors will do with the Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey trio? Is it possible that Rosenstein and Comey knew Trump was surely going to fire Comey and would be looking for a perfect candidate acceptable to Congress and the Press? Rosenstein may have thought Trump would jump at the chance to hire Mueller, a well thought of former director of the FBI. All three must have been surprised when President Trump rejected Mueller.

I have no evidence for the above, except that they are long-term colleagues, and it does explain why Rosenstein was willing to write a memorandum to the President recommending he fire Comey, as he had Mueller standing just off-stage. Appointing Mueller as Special Counsel must have been the contingency plan. Rosenstein put himself in jeopardy with this action as he knew, by law, Mueller was not eligible for the job because of his close personal and professional relationship with Comey.

Now all we have to do is wait and see what happens after the elections on Tuesday. What ever happens, there will be surprises for all of us. In the meantime, all we have is wishful speculation.

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