The politics of wall-building in America

Why is the radical left in America so adamantly against building a wall along our Southern border to curtail illegal immigration? Surely it would reduce the conflict between our border patrol and people seeking to enter our country illegally or to smuggle drugs and human traffic victims across the border. The cost is not that great and, once built, it would reduce the costs of protecting our Southern border.

Could it be the image of a democratic country denying unlimited entrance to people seeking a better life? Not hardly; all countries protect their borders from unwanted smuggling or immigration. Borders are a basic definition of a country.

The Democratic strategists believe greatly increasing the influx of immigrants from South America is the surest way to make the Democratic, socialist, or progressive party dominant in America. Immigrants from South America become Democrats. Many were socialists before they crossed the border. Immigrants from Asia and Europe tend to vote Republican. Radical leftists do not encourage those immigrants. The left opposed letting the boat people from Vietnam into America. Immigrants from Asia have added more than they have taken from the American dream.

The leftist clamor for an open Southern border is solely to strengthen the Democratic Party.

The globalists and one-worlders who support the radical left’s border policy want cheap labor to increase the value of their investments. A continuing flow of immigrants from South America will provide a growing pool of cheap labor that will keep the price of labor low and increase the value of their investments.

Remember, the globalists brought America the ‘Rust Belt’ and nourished it for decades behind a curtain of lies and weak leaders. To them, profits are good no matter where they come from. Poverty in the Rust Belt was simply part of the consequences of seeking profits from China and other foreign nations filling in for the loss of manufacturing in America or, as some have preached, redistributing wealth from America to lesser develop countries is a good thing. The socialists agree but consider: except for the Soviet Union, all walls were built to keep people out. Only the socialists had to build a wall to keep their citizens in.

If the socialists ever take control, they could use Trump’s wall to keep Americans in. It is a wall they will need. I have a few pieces of the Soviet Union’s wall the freed people tore down so they could get out.

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