Elections are over. Now what?

 The suspense is over. Both parties claim victory, and both are right.  The Republicans added to their narrow margin in the Senate and the Democrats gained control of the House by a narrower margin. What difference does it make?

From the President’s view, not much.

He may find working with a Democratic House easier than trying to get legislation through the former Republican House under Paul Ryan, especially with two big items like infrastructure and health care. Both parties and the people would benefit from focus on these bi-partisan issues. But behind those two popular areas lurk the disposition of the Special Counsel’s office and the re-establishment of the long absence ‘rule of law.’

A new acting or permanent attorney general will immediately take a hard look at Mr. Mueller’s work. Has he gone beyond his charter? Does he have any evidence of collusion of the Trump campaign with the Russians? Did Deputy Attorney General Ron Rosenstein give the Special Counsel undisclosed wider scope? It is very likely that the tenure of Mr. Mueller and his Democratic staff are numbered.

The second area for the new AG leadership to explore is the areas that have been uncovered concerning the FBI’s corrupt leadership to undermine a sitting President, the corruption of the various parts of the Intelligence Community, the failure of the Sessions’ Department of Justice  to investigate the alleged corruption of the Clintons and their profitable foundation, the weaponization of the IRS, DOJ, FBI and the Intelligence Community.

At the core of the ‘Deep State’ issue is the use of government departments and agencies to assist the party in power to maintain its ruling position by illegally surveying American citizens without due process. Several laws have allegedly been broken by the Obama Administration to facilitate the Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. Both parties need to have these areas thoroughly investigated before we can put the charges to rest or bring the guilty persons to justice.

Our republic is based on the ‘rule of law,’ and we need to make sure no one is exempt because of position, wealth or political expediency.




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2 responses to “Elections are over. Now what?

  1. Cole

    I agree with you. You explain it so much better than I can. I’m glad to see you are still with us. We are well.

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