You Can’t Win if You Don’t Understand the Rules

It is time for Republicans, Independents, and moderate Democrats to wake up and toughen up. Right now, they don’t even recognize the kind of struggle they are facing.

Well-funded, organized,and motivated socialists have taken over the Democratic Party. The old party we grew up with is gone. The leaders of the Democratic Party of the past would not even recognize the far-left political group that has stolen their hallowed name. They would be embarrassed by the mob antics and constant willingness of the progressives, who now own the Democratic Party, to use any means to achieve their goal. That goal, as described by the writings of Saul Alinsky, is the seizure of power.

According to Alinsky, who was the ideology mentor of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, there are no issues to pursue to make the nation or the people better. Issues are only to be used to destroy the opposition. Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals, is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the current political struggle.

I am amazed by the number of politically astute people who believe the Democrats’ failure to capture the Senate and a larger margin in the House in the last election was due to the Democrats pushing the wrong issues. Wrong: They had the right issue – the seizure of power. Alinsky preached in his role of as a ‘Community Organizer’ in Chicago that “the issue is never the issue.”

He also is the author of the phrase “leading from behind” which President Obama often used. Both Hillary and Obama are ideological followers of Alinsky. Hillary was a close friend of Alinsky for years. All this is to demonstrate that the current antics of the Democratic Party have their roots in a very radical but effective strategy. Mob demonstrations, caravans, and violent attacks on their opponents are the tools of revolution for the socialists. The funding, training, logistics, planning and strategy is all coming from the radical left.

For example, the caravans and illegal immigration actions are simply an effort for the socialist radicals in the Democratic Party to gain the voters they need to overwhelm the Republican Party and achieve one-party rule. These tactics have been effective in the past when the opposition failed to understand what was happening.

My next blog will describe things that need to be done to prevent a socialist take over of America. Yes, it could happen here.


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