“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 20

Inside, Joel felt the building shaking slightly. He then smelled smoke and shouted, “Up! JWM SerializationEveryone up! The damn building’s on fire!! Down the stairs! It’s the only way out!” Without checking behind him, Joel grabbed his notebook and ran down the stairs. The flames closed behind him, and he heard the shrill shrieks of the girls. As he reached the outside shop door, something crashed into him from behind. It was the flaming, screaming body of Joe Green thrashing on the floor. When Joel opened the front door, the draft of fresh air fueled the fire into an inferno and he knew no one else would make it out. Behind him in the short hallway, he could see Green’s still-thrashing body burning.

Joel ran to his car. Now he had to get out of Charleston. The fire inspectors would discover the residue of the car bombs and he would have no explanation. “My rug inventory is gone,” he thought. “I can’t collect any insurance and my bank account will be off limits before I can get to it. The first thing in the morning, I have to get to my safety deposit box in Georgetown to pick up my survival money and a new identity. Thank God, I followed my training and planned for an escape. Certainly by tomorrow afternoon, the cops will be hunting for me. I’m really leery about trying to use my recontact instructions.”

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