Conservatives need to face the facts: There is no more Democratic Party

In my last blog, I promised to follow-up with some things we non-socialists need to do.  The first and most important thing is you need to recognize what is happening. You need to accept that the historical Democratic Party is gone in everything except its name. The left-wing ideologues have adopted the teachings of Saul Alinsky that are laid out in his book Rules for Radicals, a book you should at least skim to understand the impact this socialist writer has had on the American Democratic Party. (A few of his noteworthy sound bytes: The issue is never the issue and leading from behind.)

Don’t be confused by the Democratic Party’s selection of issues. To them, all issues are simply tools or means to destroy the opposition (Republican Party) and seize power (the issue is never the issue). The end justifies the means for the followers of Alinsky if the ultimate intent is to weaken the opposition and seize power. Therefore, socialists can take any side of any issue and switch sides at any time. They are not interested in solving problems. Their single goal is the acquisition of power. Powering this motivation is the sincere belief that only a socialist elite can manage the American economy and nation to benefit all the people.

The socialist message is well-designed to attract followers who feel disadvantaged and believe they are owed certain benefits from the government. “From each according to ability and to each according to their need” is a message consistent with many religions, liberal writers, thinkers of past and present, teachers, administrators of public schools and universities, media members, and the entertainment sector. Most of these people are not problem-solvers, nor entrepreneurs, nor builders, nor veterans, nor law enforcement. Most socialists preach collective goodness, not individual rights or freedoms. They are very willing to limit the choices individuals can make in favor of a centralized body that can make decisions on behalf of all citizens.

The reason socialism has such an unblemished record of failure is that socialism must centralize all aspects of society for it to manage the economy. Centralization of all aspects of a nation cannot work without coercion with a special kind of reward and punishment. The elite managers get rewarded as ruling party members and the people get punished by losing the scope of choice in the most rudimentary decision-making for themselves, their family, and friends.

Don’t be fooled by the socialist message.

Oppose centralization of the government and of our election process and any attempt to abolish the Electoral College.

Don’t give up your freedom to make your own choices.

Support the rule of law. Western civilization was built of the rule of law. It is the cornerstone of the Constitution. (The current Mueller investigation is, indeed, a fraudulent attempt to investigate an area where no crime has been committed. The nation cannot survive corruption in the Department of Justice and the FBI.)

Do not support the abolishment of any Amendments to the Bill of Rights.
Do not allow unlawful immigration. Work to secure our borders.

If we do the above, socialism will find no home in America.



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