Myth or reality?

To separate myths from realities, I believe you must keep the investigation simple; myths require complexity to exist.

The first myth is that Donald J. Trump stole the election from Hillary Clinton with the help of the Russians. Since myths do not require proof or evidence, only belief and righteous indignation, the Trump collusion charge is a near-perfect myth. After two years of investigation by a Special Counsel and the FBI, no evidence, as in none, has been found. What has been found is an unwavering attempt to manufacture evidence that continues, even though no crime has been identified and collusion itself is not a crime. The crimes that Mr. Mueller continues to ignore are the numerous crimes committed by the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, the FBI, and the Department of Justice.

The collusion mythology carries on only to damage a duly elected President and his Administration. For the first time in my memory, the entire power of the government under President Obama was used to ensure power was passed to another Democratic (socialist) candidate. When President Trump clearly won a compelling number of Electoral votes, the leftovers of the Obama Administration became the deep state and created a Special Counsel that, by the laws governing this process, was illegal from the beginning. In America, “rule of law” and “due process” require the government to investigate crimes, not to abuse the rights of citizens in the search for a crime. If there is no crime, there cannot be a lawful investigation. The myth is that there was a crime and President Trump is guilty of that crime. Since the myth is clearly false, the Special Counsel’s investigation is a political witch hunt which must be terminated with a return to “due process” and the “rule of law.”

The second myth is that the President is engaging in a no-win trade war when he uses tariffs to seek reciprocal trade agreements with other nations that have taken advantage of American goodwill for decades. All the socialists or progressive members of the Democratic Party, the “Never Trumpers,” and the “Globalists,” or “One-Worlders,” are radically against the President.

This group includes the people who brought us the “Rust Belt” and little or no economic growth. These people are only after personal and corporate wealth. They have been trained to seek the highest return possible, no matter where it comes from. If they think the source of steady high returns for the investment dollar come from China, Japan, Europe, or any low cost of labor area, that is where they invest. It doesn’t matter where the profit comes from as long as they and their clients get rich.

Trade imbalances with China, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and elsewhere are not problems to them. Steady profits are the name of the game. Rust Belt cities, unemployment lines, falling wages, slow growth in America are not factors in their drive for profits. When Wall Street, bankers, the Federal Reserve, globalists, and money managers rail against President Trump and his use of tariffs to bargain for reciprocal trade agreements, they are simply trying to protect their foreign investments.

When America’s manufacturing moved to foreign lands, the money people got richer. Their investments grew, and their clients prospered, while the rest of America paid the bill.  Trump is not engaging in a trade war, this is a myth. He is simply bargaining for a better deal for America, and he is willing to fight the money establishment to get that better deal.





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