“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 24

Formerly Hankins, now Huxley knew he wasn’t going back into the rug business. The JWM Serializationman from Herat could find him in a week or less if he did. No, his new business had to be very different. And it had to be in his hunting area. He knew this coastal area from Mount Pleasant north to Myrtle Beach. Before he had driven five miles north on Route 17, he decided to make a U turn and go south to Georgetown, a perfect place for many blue collar service jobs and an area he could hunt from.

Georgetown was perfect. Robert Huxley would be a house interior painter. He knew paints from his high school jobs and working with Oriental rugs gave him a sense of color coordination. Almost no start-up costs. Just a one-man business operated out of a small rundown garage or warehouse. His Ford Explorer could be his work vehicle. The roof rack could carry all the ladders he would need. No paid advertising, just word of mouth and maybe some hand-delivered flyers in mail boxes. People would hire him because he was low cost, neat and showed up on the job as promised.

His good-for-nothing dad did make him develop a work ethic, and he learned the value of keeping your word and showing up to do good work, especially the finishing. All that was necessary was to put up a good front.

While he drove, Huxley worked on his new identity, oblivious to the two surveillance cars a quarter-mile behind him. As surveillance jobs go, Huxley was easy. He showed no signs of being conscious of anyone following him. His sudden U turn did make his followers back off a little farther. Once he stopped and got out of the car, it would be different, small town foot surveillance is difficult. Strangers do not blend in easily.

Maybe, just maybe, he could go hunting in the next few days.

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