“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 25

Jim Beasley, the fireman Jack and Shadow met at the fire site, couldn’t believe his luck. JWM SerializationThe man they had just missed killing in Pittsburgh was in Charleston with his damn dog. They weren’t able to get many details about his brother’s death, but they did know the dog had saved Brandon and his wife. What the hell were they doing in Charleston, especially at the fire site? When he got home, he would call for a family conference. Brandon would soon learn that the ways of the South were not dead yet. Revenge for killing family members called for, no, demanded revenge. No mistakes this time. Brandon was on Beasley turf. His older brother, Jake, was a former cop who was now selling real estate. He could find out where Brandon and his dog were staying. Damn, he would soon be a family hero! God is good, an eye for an eye. That’s the Bible’s way.




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