“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 35

When Kathy cut off, Jack called to check on Lou and Storm. After a couple of rings, Lou JWM Serializationpicked up. Jack said, “Can you talk now?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

Jack asked, “What do you think of the Aryan attack? What are people, especially biker folk, saying?”

“Storm and I’ve talked about these attacks over and over with several bikers and have some general insights but nothing specific and no leads. We have been to and talked with bikers in Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, Surfside, Savannah and Columbia. They’re all talking about the raids and who could be doing it. These people aren’t cold-blooded killers. No way would they be part of burning churches and killing innocent people. We believe the attack bikers aren’t from or part of organized biker groups or gangs. Sure, some of them are hard people, some have records and they won’t be pushed around but killing innocent people isn’t them. We think the attackers are their own group with a political objective justifying the unprovoked violence. None of the people we talked to would send a note to the media justifying the attacks as revenge for the actions of Templars during the Crusades. This has to be a Muslim political fringe group behind these attacks. I don’t think we can do any more running around on my bike. We’ve given out a phone number to a few people to call if they hear anything about the biker raids. Jack, I think we might as well come in.”

“Yeah, I agree. It sounds right. Come on in. Check back into your hotel rooms. You may be needed by Kathy in the Georgetown area to help with covering a few people. Call when you get a decent sleep and are settled in.”

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