“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 38

Every hour on the network and cable news stations and channels, the attacks on JWM Serializationchurches in South Carolina were covered with new, but mostly speculative, reports and analysis. The most riveting were the interviews of eye witnesses to the violence. In one instance a man talked of attending the A.M.E. Church near McClellanville. He said, “I was just coming out of the church with my family, when a pickup truck roared up the driveway to a skidding stop in front of church. I was so close I could see the eyes of the attacker through the holes in his hood. The letters KKK were clear.

“My grandfather told me stories of these people. I pushed my kids and wife down behind the azaleas bordering the driveway. The man in the bed of the truck started throwing gasoline bombs at the church and at cars in the parking lot. A shotgun was poking out the passenger window. It swung my way and the KKK guy screamed, ‘Die, you black bastard.’ Before he could shoot, I jumped at him and jerked the weapon from his hands. The truck never stopped moving. I swung the shotgun up and emptied that pump gun into the truck. I know at least one of them was hit. When the cops found the wrecked truck, there was blood on the front seat at the passenger window. I’m a veteran and no KKK punk is going to threaten me or mine. No way, not anymore!”

Going north on Route 17 after his escape from the hotel, the Professor heard the report on CNN radio, when he was scanning to see if anything was being reported about what he thought might have been an attempt to capture him. He wondered if other American victims of his attacks had the same aggressive attitude. Both good and bad. Good, if he could channel the aggression inward, but bad, if it was channeled toward the attackers specifically and not generally against another racial group.

He missed not having some of his best people with him. Operating alone was even more difficult than he remembered. If the attempt was real, how could they have known he was there? As long as his source in the Counter Terrorism Center survived, he had a decided edge, even though he couldn’t call his source but had to wait for him to call. How did they find out he was even in the country?

He decided to step up his time schedule, but he would be even more careful. When the scheduled attacks in Charleston were underway, he’d move to the next phase of his plan and attack the capital of the land of Satan. Leesburg, Virginia, your Confederate past is coming back. It was also time to begin the blog campaign. One blog would copy the words and traditions of the KKK. The other blog would argue for Muslim rights in the name of The Warriors for Allah. The Muslim blog will be supported by pamphlets distributed during attacks. The KKK audience needed no support. Every Black in America knew about the hooded racists. The Professor was sure the media would pick up and replay the KKK propaganda. He planned the Muslim blog to be centrist enough to be acceptable to the Mosques of America. Here the media would follow the lead of the law enforcement/counter-terrorist forces in following the Muslim blog. The messages would be simple, consistent and pounded repeatedly, following Goebbels’ big lie theory, “Tell it often enough and people will believe it.”

He wasn’t worried about the cyber security of the blogs. His expert knew how to disguise the places of origin. His blogs were already written and had different themes, servers, domain providers and protection for followers and commenters. Modern revolutionaries had to use the new cyber techniques. Tonight he would make the phone call to start the blog publications. He didn’t expect instant results, just sow the seeds of discontent and religious intolerance.

His attack teams were ready. In five hours, just after dusk, targets in and around Charleston will be hit hard. This will be the last direct mass attack. The next phase will be random sniper attacks, spreading to other cities. Sniper attacks were very cost effective. Two or three snipers could tie up a city. They didn’t have to be great marksmen. In this kind of attack, even misses caused havoc. The snipers have full freedom in the selection of targets. The more random, the better. The goal is not to destroy but to terrorize the general populace.

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