“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 62

The Professor was just recovering from the shock of losing Ali. Hasani had done the right JWM Serializationthing. He couldn’t afford the CIA interrogating one of his people. Ali knew too much. An hour later he saw his picture and Hasani’s on a news alert. How did they get a picture of Hasani? No one should know he was here. His entry into the country was perfect. Hasani lived his cover and never made mistakes. He was vigilant and carefully checked the details.

They could change their appearances somewhat but extensive disguises were difficult to wear constantly. He knew a safe place was required to make each change from one appearance to another. No, they would have to avoid close up exposures to people. One of Hasani’s people would have to be their public face to buy supplies. Now they needed two more vehicles. They might have to steal the cars and trucks they needed and the license plates. Only the numbers on the license plates made individual vehicles of the mass brands identifiable.

He had no choice, multiple attacks had to be put on hold. Martyrdom was always a concept. Now it was real. His attack plans had to change. He would never get back to Pakistan. Tomorrow was the beginning of the last phase of his Jihad. He had to remember the purpose of terrorism is to terrorize. Terror was effective when it affected the common man. People expected terrorism to focus on embassies, airports, security infrastructure, landmark buildings and national treasures. They do not expect they will be involved, nor their property, nor their families. We must continue to pit Americans against each other and foster a lack of faith in their government. This will be a long struggle but one that is worth our treasure and lives. Hasani will be pleased that martyrdom is near. He never felt more alive than right now. Publication of their pictures complicated his plan. Just to keep the security forces scrambling, tomorrow the planned attack on the American Legion Memorial Bridge would go as planned. The attack team would not include Hasani. He needed Hasani with him to modify their plans.

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