“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 69

In his log cabin on the south slope of Mount Gilead, just outside Leesburg, the Professor JWM Serializationwas having a critical planning session with Hasani, who was devastated by the loss of three more of his sniper team members. Hasani was talking about his own martyrdom and trying to get the Professor to allow him to go into battle for the last time. The Professor said, “My most experienced and devout warrior cannot think of his own path to glory. We must make the Americans pay a much larger price for our lives.

“We are the first to bring a sustained battle to the Land of Satan. We must show the way for devout Jihadists to follow. Our ranks no longer depend upon warriors from the land of our forefathers. As the Muslim warriors of the past established the Muslim cultural center and stronghold in Cordoba, Spain, we must lay the ideological foundation for doing the same in America. By using American-born warriors in our battles today, we are placing the first cornerstones in that foundation. You and I and the rest of your American warriors will soon be gone. But we must not sell our lives too cheaply. The goal of battle is to inflict losses on the enemy, not seek ways for our own premature deaths. Now, how many men do you have ready to fight?”

“I have four more sniper teams.”

“The longevity of our campaign is now my major goal. By spreading out our attacks, we will continue to gather publicity here and in our world. The Arab Spring is turning former American lackey dictator nations into true Islamic lands governed by Sharia Law. We must provide a worthy example of carrying the Jihadist War to the American homeland. We will provide a way for others to follow. We will give hope, where there has been no hope.

“I want you to give me a plan that will keep our war alive for another two months. Use one team at a time. Your attacks do not have to be on high value targets where the Americans with their technology and rapid response can cause us such losses. I don’t understand how they found, followed and attacked our last team so rapidly. They even captured or killed our men, while they were going into hiding. I hope to learn more about their response. I’m also concerned how one man and a dog tracked and wiped out the entire team of highly trained fighters on ground they knew well.”

Hasani said, “Remember the Sunni Triangle and our sniper teams there? The tactic the Americans used there is the model for their destruction of our team yesterday. We learned that there was a Marine Lieutenant leading their counter-sniper operations in the Triangle who developed a rapid response attack strategy, using in-flight helicopters carrying counter-sniper teams over any sector where our snipers might be used. They cut off our snipers from their escape route. First, a rain of fire from the helicopters, and then the insertion of teams in pre-planned tactical positions. Once they had eyes on a team, it was very hard to escape. In Ramadi, they deployed in a few minutes after sniper action. I think they are now using the same tactic.”

The Professor said, “I have a method to defeat this tactic. The helicopters with their hunter teams can hover over 10 or 20 potential targets. But not hundreds. We will attack small unprotected targets. To spread terror we do not need so-called high value targets. Terror can be brought to the people of Satan’s capitol by hitting unprotected targets that no one could pick to defend in advance of our attack, and our attacks will be over in seconds, not minutes. Use this strategy to develop your plans. Don’t worry, my friend, you will have your opportunity for everlasting glory.”

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