“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 74

Secure in the isolation of his log cabin hideout, the Professor closed up his throw away, JWM Serializationprepaid cell and called for Hasani. When Hasani came into the largest room in the cabin, lighted only by the flickering fire, he could tell his friend and mentor was worried about something.

Hasani said, “My friend, what is the problem? We will soon restart our sniper campaign. I have three teams ready to go. The glory of our martyrdom is close. I thank you for the opportunity of bringing our battle to the heart of the enemy. It is more than I ever dreamed was possible. Your wisdom, faith and courage have brought us this far. Do not worry.”

“It’s not the coming battle that worries me. My old friend, who has helped us for so long, needs us now. He wants us to delay our attacks until an internal danger is eliminated. A few people have discovered his role in working with us. He had to agree to meet with them tomorrow at 10:30 AM in a wilderness park along the winding road with the sharp curves you love to drive on the way to McLean. At the crossroads of Route 193 and Old Dominion Road is the entrance to Great Falls Park. The park is located on the Potomac River where the river is a racing flood, smashing through huge boulders and over sharp drops.”

“Yes, I know the place. I met with one of my teams there last month. It is a beautiful place. The shot will have to be close. Less than 100k meters, since I won’t know exactly where the targets will be. I don’t want to move around to get a better angle.”

“Good! I want you to be there to kill all the people he will be meeting. If something goes wrong, give my old friend the gift of death. He has served well and does not deserve to be dishonored. I’m asking you to go alone, because I don’t want other witnesses. You know, I have never been sure of the true faith of our American converts.”

“I will be there, waiting before the sun comes up tomorrow.”

“Go with God, my friend.”

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