“Shades of Justice” Chapter Three

Back in their suite, Kathy said, “We are going to have to be extra careful. With the retirement of Captain Shorer and the loss of our CIA connection, we are hanging out there. The law enforcement community cannot be trusted. They will turn on us in a heartbeat if they get any clue to what we have done. We killed bad guys from Florida to New York, not to mention more than a few in India and Nepal. All our operations have been clearly beyond the law. We’d make a nice collar for any up-and-coming FBI officer.”

Jack nodded. “We need to start making plans for disappearing if things get bad. That means moving money into safe places, locating in-country and foreign safe havens, several sets of documents, and some appearance changes. Fortunately, we have the money and contacts to prepare a real contingency plan.”

“I guess I suspected something like this could happen. Thank God Captain Shorer gave us a heads up. With a couple of months, we can get ready. Tomorrow let’s get in touch with Kelly. We haven’t seen much of her since the big shootup in Virginia. She is nearly through with her bachelor’s degree at Pitt. I’ll call her first thing in the morning.” Kathy yawned. “I am wiped out and need some sleep before starting on the investigation for Captain Shorer. Somehow I can’t seem to refer to him as Paul.”

“I’ll join you as soon as I finish reading these files,” Jack said, holding up the files Shorer had passed along to them after dinner.

“Don’t be too late. I like to feel you beside me.”

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