“Shades of Justice” Chapter Seven

Jack scrolled down his contact list until he came to Miller’s Investigation and Protection Agency. He called the number and his old partner Howard Miller answered. “Are you for real or just a scam?” Jack said.

Howie said, “For Christ’s sake Brandon, I thought you would be dead by now. You here to stir up trouble again?”

“No, just looking for a good detective agency. Can you recommend one?”

“Yeah, you’re talking to the only good one in the city. What can we do for you?”

“How many can you put on the street with two days’ notice?”

“If the money is right, I’ll have ten guys ready to go. All street smart with police backgrounds or trained personally by me.”

“The money will be right. Get your guys ready. I’ll stop by your office tomorrow morning about ten. Okay? And Howie, keep the lid on. No paper, big meetings, or talking to cop friends. For good people I’ll triple your rate. One leak and its over.”

“I’ll hafta know what’s going on.”

“Tomorrow, I tell you the story. Trust me, it’ll be okay. Mostly surveillance and background checks.”

“Good. I’ll have coffee for you. Still drinking the strong French roast stuff?

“Yeah. See you tomorrow.”

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