“Shades of Justice” Chapter Ten

An hour later, Walid had told Jack everything he knew about his team of watchers. He gave up their names, that they were all Pakistanis, their addresses, cell phone numbers, procedures, and the name of the team member who passed on the requirements. He got paid $1,000 and expenses each month. He didn’t know where the orders came from and Jack believed him. The last thing he gave them was the names of two young women they were now surveilling. Walid knew the young women were to be sold but he didn’t know where or how they were moved. He also looked blank when Jack asked him about the sniper.

Jack stared at Walid when he was through asking questions. He said, “Walid, I’m deciding whether we should kill you. I don’t want to. But how can I trust you? If you tell your team about tonight, they will kill you for sure. If I let you live and you betray my trust, I will either kill you myself or tell the police to brief the local newspapers about your cooperation. So what should I do?”

Walid, trying to hold back tears, said, “You can trust me. I have never been so frightened. I will leave this group and go to another city.”

Jack said, “No! They will find you. You must stay here and act as if nothing happened. When Alice Clay calls your cell, do not answer. The call from her means you must go to the Starbucks on Craig Street at 11:30 AM and park as near as you can to the place you parked today. Wait in your car with your cell phone turned on. Do you understand?”

Walid nodded. “I understand.”

“Good. If it is impossible to follow these instructions, go there the next day for sure. No second chances. I know you are taking chances. Here is an envelope with $2,000. If you follow instructions and work well, there will be more and I will protect you from the police. But do not fail me. We will drop you near your apartment. I’m going to put this bag over your head. I will help you out of the vehicle to the curb. You sit down there and count to 100 before taking the bag off.”

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