“Shades of Justice” Chapter Eleven

9 AM Wednesday, June 4th

While Jack and his team were beginning to make their way up the kidnappers’ chain, Sally McGovern was gaining awareness of her situation. She awoke slowly over several hours. Her first awareness was of movement, movement she knew was not new to her. In a few more minutes, she thought, I’m on a boat. How did I get here? When she tried to get up, she couldn’t move. An awareness came that her arms and legs were tied down and there was a strap across her middle. Her vision slowly returned and she could make out the details of a small stateroom. Her right arm just below the elbow hurt. Looking up, she saw a bag of fluid dripping down an IV line into her arm. She was covered with a sheet and light blanket. Under it she was naked. I must be in a hospital. But it can’t be, this is a boat. I can feel the engine vibration and hear engine noise. It feels like we are running at least 18 knots in choppy water. Sally was an experienced cruiser and could relate to the sounds and motions. Gradually, she remembered two men grabbing her and the stinging sensation in her arm. My God, I’ve been kidnapped. I feel woozy. Someone is feeding me through an IV and, from the way I feel, drugs as well. I’m so thirsty. Might as well call out, I need water. And I need to play dumb. Don’t let these thugs find out how tough I am. If no one else is looking, I’m sure Kelly is. If she finds me, these people are going to be sorry.

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