“Shades of Justice” Chapter Twenty-three

Kathy followed Jack out some miles beyond the three-mile limit until Jack slowed the Night Lady and put it on auto pilot just fast enough to maintain steerage. Kathy moved up to within 30 feet of the Lady and matched the speed and course. Jack hauled up the body below deck and laid him beside the three that fell in the initial attack. Using the tools and wire he found in the small engine room compartment, he wired a guesstimated 20 pounds to each body and pushed them over the side into 300 feet of water. Waving to Kathy he took over control and moved the Night Lady out a few more miles. When the radar showed no vessels were nearby, Jack disconnected the automatic bilge pumps and, using a one-inch drill bit, made a hole large enough to use the saber saw to cut through the double hull. He managed to weaken a foot square area that was beginning to spurt seawater. The spurting turned to a square foot fountain when he used a fire axe to knock the hole through. The Lady was beginning to settle when Jack motioned Kathy to come along side. It was an easy jump to the deck of the Surveyor.

“Goodbye to a beautiful boat and good riddance to the worst period of my life,” Sally said under her breath.

“Well, former cop,” Kathy said, turning to Jack. “Do you think anyone will be able to put this story together from the bodies and deliberately sunk boat?”

“No. They will probably never be found. Water is too deep over the sunken boat for amateur wreck divers to find. Not much metal on the boat and a 70-foot boat is not much of a wreck to dive on. In a few years ocean life will begin claiming the wreck.”



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