“Shades of Justice” Chapter Twenty-four

Jack estimated they would cover the approximate 40 miles to the marina in less than four hours. He used one of the cell phones he took from the Night Lady and called Captain Shorer. He was put right through. The captain said, “Jack, where in the hell have you been?”

“How about I tell you later. Now I have some intelligence for you. There is a freighter, Twisted Moon, tied up at the wharf in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island bound for the Middle and Far East. I am certain there are captives on board. When I hang up, I’ll fax you the contact instructions in our possession. With this information I don’t believe it will be hard to convince whomever that the vessel needs to be boarded and thoroughly searched. I suspect the women will be found in a hidden compartment. If these people think they’re in danger, they’ll dispose of all the captives. I have no evidence that will hold up in court. When you find the women you will have all the evidence you need.”

When Jack hung up, he knew the captain wasn’t happy. The world of criminal protection at the expense of victims had taken over effective law enforcement. Sally McGovern and at least a dozen other women would be on their way to a short life of sexual slavery if they had to count on conventional law enforcement to rescue them. Maybe his way was too hard, but the victims they had saved over the years never complained. Jack felt they could beat the odds only so long. Then someone might have to pay.

Sally had a bout with heroin withdrawal soon after the Surveyor was under way in the open ocean running at 25 knots. Kelly sat with her. She refused small amounts of morphine to help her down, telling Kelly that she wasn’t ever going to let anyone feed her heroin again. By the time Jack reached marker 675 and slowed to enter St. Simons Sound and the Fredericka River, Sally had made some improvement. Jack had called Buck, the pilot, earlier and told him to move the plane to St. Simons on Sea Island, Georgia, and to make reservations for himself, the co-pilot, and four others at the Lodge. They needed three bedrooms and Shadow had to be permitted in Jack’s room. He instructed Buck to remember that cost was not a problem and to reserve a year’s dry storage at the nearest marina in the company’s name for a 50-foot motor launch. Lastly, he asked Buck to please have a limo waiting at the marina in three hours.


Two nights at the resort were wearing on Jack. Kathy knew it was time to leave when even she started getting bored. The downtime was needed and the sex was wonderful. She rolled off Jack and said, “Lover, it is time to be on our way. I don’t want to lose our edge. The rescue of Sally was better than textbook. We are on a roll so let’s go. I want to pick up our Bouvier pup. So crank up your toy plane and let’s get out of this plush trap. I’m ready.”

“What, you’re tired of sex and good food?”

“Food yes. Sex no. We Carolina girls like our sex quick, hard, and often. But we don’t want to kill our men, especially when they are over thirty.”

“Listen lady, have I ever left you high and dry?”

“No. But there is always a first time. So call Buck. I’ll get our poor girls without mates on departure alert for tomorrow.”

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