“Shades of Justice” Chapter Thirty-four

Kelly and Sally arrived in time for lunch. “Paul Kim is a great trainer and Sally is making great progress,” Kelly said.

“How about your progress?” Kathy asked.

“Paul tells me it’s time to move into some weapons training. He started me on knife fighting and defense today.”

“And he told you that you would be able to defeat a person armed with a knife but you would get cut in the process?” Jack asked.

“How did you know that?”

“Paul’s father told Paul and me the same thing years ago. It’s true with your hapkido skills you can beat a knife fighter but you will get cut. I found that out first hand.”

“He has a six-inch scar on his upper left arm,” Kathy said. “And Kelly, your mother sewed it up in the back of a car and tended to the wound until it healed. Anita was highly skilled in battlefield medical treatment.”

“I love being here and learning bits and pieces about my mother. Your stories give me strength. I look up to her and hope I can make her proud,” Kelly said.

“You already have. Tomorrow or the next day you’re coming with me to a few places in the west, Montana is our first stop. Kathy needs to be here with Lou and his daughter, Storm. They get here tomorrow morning.”

“Great. Will they be here when we get back?”

“Yes. If they accept our offer they will be here for some time.”

Jack turned to Sally. “Sally, please continue training with Paul while Kelly and I are gone. Kathy will talk with you about some new duties. As always, you have to agree, we aren’t forcing you to do anything you don’t want. It is in an area that we need professional help now. We are hoping you agree.”

Sally nodded as Mrs. Minh brought lunch over, and everyone ate in relative quiet.

After lunch Kathy and Jack went out on the deck to enjoy the sunshine. “You might want to know I haven’t taken a birth control pill for over a week,” Kathy said.

“I haven’t had much training in the parenting thing and inherently distrust all the people who think they are experts, especially those who write books about it, “Jack said.

“Don’t worry lover, you’ll be a great dad.”

“You know my childhood was very different from most people. My Dad and I were always moving. I know now we were running from the KGB. Security was drilled into me as soon as I could talk. My father trained me to report everything I saw, especially about any strangers I saw more than once. You might’ve noticed I can be a bit paranoid,” Jack said.

“You’ve good reasons. Your mother and infant sister were killed by the KGB. Terrorists led by the same KGB officer your father said killed them, led a team here where we are drinking coffee, killed your father and his house staff, severely wounded Shadow, and burned the house. Excuse me, but that is not paranoia. That is reality. So don’t let down your guard. We still have enemies. I feel safe with you and know you will protect our six kids.”

“Okay. But can we start with one?”

“Let’s get started.”

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