“Shades of Justice” Chapter Forty-four

Jack explained the situation to Jim while he was cleaning up the areas he touched inside the cabin. Jim blanched when Jack told him that at the first sign Jim had contacted Conrad or Dom or anyone else, Jack would send his handwritten, dated, and signed statement to Dom and his boss. The same thing would happen if Bobby talked to anyone, including the law. If he kept his mouth shut, he would receive $10,000 per month, ostensibly for a share in his business. Jack told him he expected him to pay taxes on the money as a capital gain on the investment in his shooting camp.

When Kelly came in the cabin, Jack said, “I’ve told him the situation. Now Jim you should know that your walking is a close call. Kelly wanted to kill you now. The slightest reason we have to think you betrayed our trust, Kelly or someone like her will come to Montana to kill you and Bobby. You will never even see them. It will just be over. Understand?”

Jim nodded. Jack said, “I didn’t hear anything. Kelly, maybe we should talk some more about his cooperation?”

“Why talk? You know what I want to do with him.”

Kelly had her SOCOM out and wracked a round into the chamber. Jack said, “No! No! Don’t shoot him in here.”

Jim’s face was dripping sweat and he was trying to talk. Jack said, “Come on Jim, get it out.”

Jim said, “I’ll cooperate. You won’t have any trouble with me or Bobby.”

“One last point. Why did you tell me you might know the suspect in the artist sketch I sent you?”

“When I saw the sketch, it was so accurate, I knew someone would identify Jake. Then the investigation would eventually get to me. Conrad said I had no choice. I had to tell you and find out what the police knew. Jake was expendable. Always was. When you left, Jake would disappear and we would find another shooter.”

Jack said, “Kelly, let him live?”

Kelly said, “Okay. But no more casual responses. You’re in or you’re dead. I like dead better.”

It was starting to rain when they left. By the time they reached Jim’s Jeep, the rain was coming hard. Kelly drove them back to the camp and after a cup of coffee and a short good-bye to Jim, Bobby drove them to the airport. Bobby was sensitive enough to know something was going on but asked no questions. The plane was ready and they got a lucky break in the rain and cloud cover and were cleared for takeoff.

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