“Shades of Justice” Chapter Forty-six

The next morning, Jack, wearing his hapkido uniform and black belt, addressed his students. “Today I’m going to introduce you to the art of fighting two people at once. Seldom will you have the ease of fighting one person at a time. We’ll practice a two-on-one attack. Don’t be misled by my statement about fighting two people at once. That’s not strictly true. What happens in a two-on-one fight is, you fight one at time, but the time space between your moves is so close that it appears to an observer that you are fighting two at one time. You can’t, except in rare or lucky circumstances, be able to attack two or more people at once. Yet your moves have to flow from one attack to another without a pause. You must always focus on the first move while you are setting up the second attack or third attack. For now we’ll keep the moves basic and slow down the action.

“First, the footwork. By now, you know that while the movement of the arms and upper body seem to the novice to be the most important and hardest to learn, it’s is really the footwork that’s critical, especially in fighting more than one opponent. We are going to practice at first as if our opponents are not trained fighters. Which is mostly a reality.”

Jack placed Kathy in front of him to his right and Kelly in front to his left. “This is a traditional approach when fighting two people. In this scenario, my objective is to attack Kathy, seizing her arm or shoulder and pivoting to my left to throw her in front of Kelly. If they both go down, I can either get away or move in and disable one of them, taking whatever opening I’m given. The basic approach is to reduce two attackers in two attack lines to one and go from there.”

For the rest of the morning, the two-on-one drill went on getting faster and faster until Kelly and Sally had a few simple moves down well enough for Jack to say, “Okay! Enough. Lesson is over for the day. Practice. We’ll fit another one in soon.”

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