“Shades of Justice” Chapter Forty-nine

Jack and Kathy checked into the hotel Lou selected. When they were settled in the next morning, Jack called Lou and asked him to bring the others and come over. The beachfront hotel was perfect for a meeting site. It had several entrances, a lot of foot traffic by upscale shoppers passing time, and a large parking building that connected to the hotel. Lou arrived with Ted and Warren. Lou introduced them and Jack gathered them all around the large dining table.

“Tell us what you have,” Jack said.

“Ted got a couple of pictures of the guy Conrad met for coffee,” Lou said. “The pictures match the description we have of Dom and Ted heard a waiter in the casino address him as Mr. Salvatori.”

“Good enough,” Kathy said, turning toward Ted. “What else do you know about him?”

“The staff treated him with respect but he is not the boss. I believe he is probably number two or three. Does not wear a wedding ring. Doesn’t need to hit on the female staff. A number of them were more than friendly to him. I saw him go up in the elevator and come down 30 minutes later in a fresh outfit. He either lives in the hotel above the casino or there is an executive area in the hotel people like him can use. My bet is he lives in the hotel on the sixth floor where the elevator stopped.”

“Anything else?” Jack asked.

“While he was upstairs, I explored the corridor with a discreet sign pointing to the parking garage. The door to the parking garage is near the elevator. It opens on a short corridor leading to the garage. I was lucky. The area for staff parking was right there. I think it was only for the top management as there were only eight spaces. Dom’s black Cadillac CTS was there. I saw no parking lot attendants and there were no cameras, not even a mirror. No ticket on the window or lying on the seat inside. Probably the attendant at the entrance just waves him through. Inside the casino I saw several cameras. Anyone going in there is on the surveillance cameras. It looked like many other casinos with the cameras manned by staff in a monitoring room. I did not see any cameras in the elevator. On the upstairs floors I don’t know but probably there are corridor cameras.”

“Lou, you selected some real professionals,” Jack said approvingly. “An excellent piece of work. Get some rest tonight and go back tomorrow morning. We’ve all we need. See you back in McLean.”

After the three ex-FBI officers left, Kathy said, “This is a nice suite. Maybe the food is good. Let’s have dinner sent up. I’ll order a surprise for you.”

“Please, not too much of a surprise. Go easy on the broccoli and giant salads.”

After she ordered dinner, Kathy sat beside Jack and said, “You sent them home because you don’t want any witnesses. Right?”

“Lou would have been okay but we just don’t know Ted or Warren well enough to trust them with our lives or our freedom. We need to snatch Dom and take him somewhere for questioning. Depending on what he tells us will tell us whether we can afford to have him hunting us. Tomorrow morning I’ll rent some kind of a small boat just big enough for a cabin. The forecast said the ocean will be mild tomorrow with slight onshore winds. While I’m looking for a boat, see if you can rent a waterfront cottage with a boat slip. You’re good at cover stories. We need some privacy. I don’t want to drag Dom across the beach, day or night. Too many summer tourists out at all hours. I think we can get him out of the casino and into a car. But we’ll need to keep him for at least eight hours. And that could be a problem in Atlantic City at the height of the tourist season.”

For the next two hours, Kathy and Jack worked out their roles in the abduction and questioning of one Dom Salvatori. The plan was simple but, like many plans, it needed some luck to work smoothly.

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