“Shades of Justice” Chapter Fifty-one

There were no boaters or fishing people near the boathouse or 50-foot pier when Jack led a hooded and cuffed Dom out to the boathouse. Kathy slipped inside to get, as she said, “untarted.” Jack said to Dom, “Good, so far you’re following instructions. Remember no yelling, no attempts to escape, and to speak only when told to. We’re going into a small building. I’ll guide you to a chair. You may have something to drink if you continue to behave. Understand?”

Dom nodded his hooded head and sat when Jack pushed a chair behind his knees. Jack said, “Okay, let’s begin. Tell me about your role in the kidnapping of young women to be sold in the Middle East and Asia as sex slaves. Jim Marshall has talked to me. The sniper you used is dead. Unless you cooperate fully you will soon be weighted and dropped in the ocean. Now do you feel like cooperating?”

Dom responded with a muffled but clear yes. Jack heard Kathy coming down the pier and waited for her. When she came in Jack said, “Just in time to begin our question and answer session. I should warn you, Dom, that we know the answer to many of the questions. If we don’t think you’re giving us good answers, we’ll introduce you to the science of water boarding. You should know I don’t care much if you die during our questioning session. On the other hand we would rather let you live if you convince us of your willing cooperation, now and days from now. Bottom line is you don’t have to die. This session will be recorded and sent to your friends if you don’t convince us we can trust you. I’m going to turn the light down and then take off your hood so I can see your face.”

Kathy switched off all but a dim overhead light. Jack pulled off the hood and said, “Okay, tell us how you met Jim and Conrad.”

“We were all 18-year-old recruits getting our combat infantry training at Fort Bragg before going to Vietnam in November of 1970. We became good friends and hung out together. We saw some combat together but not much. The war for us was beginning to wind down. Everyone knew we would be pulling out soon. No one wanted to get killed in a war that lost its meaning. I got assigned to work in an enlisted men’s club when I hurt my knee in a pickup touch football game. Made a contact with sergeant who was skimming from the club’s funds. After the war I looked him up and returned the favor by introducing him to my family. My family had very long and deep ties to the Jersey mob.”

“I asked you to tell me the story of you, Conrad, and Jim and the kidnapping scheme. I don’t want your life story.”

Jack nodded at Kathy and said, “Bring in a bucket of water. I remember seeing one just outside the boat entrance. Dom, the salt water is to remind you water boarding is in your future if you don’t tell me a straight story. Salt water because I don’t want any fresh water in your lungs in case you ever get to be autopsied.”

“This guy, Eddie Hawkins, is the whole story. He is now a Chief of a Police in Baltimore. I take orders from him and pass them on to Conrad who contacts Jim. I’ll tell you now, I’m afraid of Eddie. Even with my family connections, he would kill me in a heartbeat if he thought I was a danger to him. My family would do nothing. Eddie is responsible for many many kills. He likes to kill. Men, women, kids it doesn’t matter to him. It’s all business. I have enough money and would be out of here but Eddie makes me stay here to run his spotting of young women who come into the local casinos. I pass the names and descriptions on to Jim who is Eddie’s boss of the hard stuff. Jim is also scary. He was a hitman for years before Eddie switched him over to trafficking in young women. Jim and Conrad both have holding areas for the women before putting them in the transportation chain. Jim’s wife runs the holding pen. You said they were sent to Middle East and Asia. I didn’t know that. Why the fuck are you messing with me? You know more than I do.”

“Keep talking Dom, and mind your manners. I ask the questions. Your part is the answers. Maybe you need a taste of the water treatment. If I stop messing with you, you stop breathing. Now move on with the story. I want some detail.”

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