Speak Up, America

As most of my past readers know, I stopped being an active novelist and blogger some years ago. My next birthday I will be 90 years old. With all the daily turmoil and a critical national election pending, I decided to come off the bench and point out some of the things I have learned about dealing with socialists, communists, and terrorists in assignments around the world. I’m older but no smarter, just less patient. 

Enough, enough tolerance. Get the wimpy terrorists off the streets. There is nothing right about looting and burning buildings or frightening peaceful citizens. The people in the torn tee shirts costumes and waving signs are not demonstrators, they are well-funded, trained, professional socialists following an old Marxist game plan. They have taken over the real protestors and are using the tactics of terrorism to push a revolutionary power grab.

Of course Black lives matter (BLM). All lives matter. BLM is not a social organization trying to improve the lives of black citizens. It is a terrorist organization using blatant racism to hide in a revolutionary pea and shell maneuver. They are not going to help black children in our urban projects. The Marxist BLM in America is the action arm of the Democratic (now the Progressive Party) and is quietly funded by a wealthy group of commercial elitists and organizations. Revolutions are not cheap and this one is not. Look at the numbers of people moving into urban areas across the nation. The housing, training, and equipping is expensive. Few organizations could manage the movement of people and equipment so well. The logistics of obtaining, storing, shipping, and delivering bricks, car bombs, and communications gear to cities across America is well-organized and implemented.

If you resist BLM calling America a racist nation and argue that the statement “Black Lives Matter” is itself a racist slogan, then they will call you a racist. If you wear or display any Trump slogans, you are also a racist. If you let fear takeover, our Constitution, culture, history, and democratic way of government will lose. While all citizens have the inherent right to demonstrate across our land, that right should be earned. Have these violent demonstrators ever marched in a real civil rights movement, served in the armed forces, or helped others through social work in our cities? I think not. Many of us have and we should speak out. The nation is at war with a counter-culture force that is growing stronger in face of our fearful silence.

The enemy has to have several well-placed sources of information from all levels of government, local, state, and national. It would be hard to find a media outlet that isn’t working with the BLM.

What can be done to fight off this power grab? First, we must realize what is going on. BLM is not a group of protesters. They are a well- funded and trained terrorist organization. The government, the Federal Government, must treat BLM as terrorist organization, and establish law and order in our cities by using the National Guard with clear guidance to use lethal force when necessary. Arson, looting, and killing cops will require tough stances to replace the soft tolerance of the mayors and governors in states run by Progressive politicians. Do not be afraid. Speak up!


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2 responses to “Speak Up, America

  1. John Nugent

    Dear Barry: I think you have succinctly expressed the opinion of many fellow Americans. Thank you, John

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