The Lost Party

Years from now, historians will be writing about the disappearance of the Democratic Party and the drastic change in the functioning of the two-party system. I am watching it happen in electronic real time and am not sure how this happened.

Suddenly we are seeing Joe Biden, a man who has never done anything of note in the running of the nation and is seriously lacking in presidential capabilities, as the candidate of a once-powerful party? Where did all followers of the giants of the past Democratic Party go? Surely, they are remembered and revered. No, instead the lemmings follow a new drumbeat. 

A brilliant socialist scientist, Saul Alinsky, provided the blueprint to one party rule. Mr. Alinsky has written quite a lot. He, too, was a “community organizer” in Chicago. Mr. Alinsky is the author of the many sound bites used by President Obama. Remember: “leading from behind” and “the issue is never the issue.” 

He also cautioned his followers to drop the terms socialist and communist as they would not be acceptable in America and use the title of Progressives instead. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are two of his most faithful followers.  

Do not negotiate with the enemy. Just change the issue or change which side you are on. The end always justifies the means if the enemy is weakened by your actions. Leading media journalists and far left Democratic politicians all know and practice Alinsky’s rules. With them, there can be no negotiated compromises.  

The traditional Republican politicians just do not seem able to adjust to the change in the rules. They do not seem to understand the seriousness of their opposition. Didn’t the deep state attempt coup to get rid of President Trump and the false baseless impeachment attempt teach them anything? Republicans who belong to the RHINO faction might as well join the Progressives. The President who does understand the battle he is in needs support, not snide bits of political criticism. Give him the support he needs. 


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2 responses to “The Lost Party

  1. John Nugent

    Dear Barry: Again, a very clear analysis of the US’ current situation. I remember a video clip you shared years ago of a juggler/comedian who performed for President Reagan and invited guests. In the front row were the President, Tip O’Neil, and other invited guests. While the President and O”Neil were from different parties, one could clearly see from their body language how they liked/respected each other. America came first, and even though each held different views on different matters, they would work to make things happen in bettering this country. Such a working relationship is clearly missing today. I fear for our children considering what will likely happen to this country in the relative near term.
    I hold no personal animus towards Joe Biden, but if he is elected President, this country for which so many sacrificed so much, may never recover. John

  2. Robert Obrien

    Excellent analysis. Good to see you’re still on your game. Bob


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