As most of my past readers know, I stopped being an active novelist and blogger some years ago. My next birthday I will be 90 years old. With all the daily turmoil and a critical national election pending, I decided to come off the bench and point out some of the things I have learned about dealing with socialists, communists, and terrorists in assignments around the world. I’m older but no smarter, just less patient. 

For the first time in our recorded history, a group of very misguided citizens tried to first prevent a candidate for President from being elected. When he was elected, their efforts turned to using the power of America’s counter-intelligence agencies to overthrow a sitting President. This is no longer a conspiracy theory. The evidence is there. The charge should be treason.

The Obama White House was involved at the highest level. Once the Obama team left office, their stay-behinds in the FBI, CIA, DIA, National Security Council, Department of Justice and several of the nation’s Departments, such as State and Defense, carried on the coup attempt through a Special Counsel investigation and a formal impeachment trial in the Senate.

The Obama/Biden White House had to be deeply involved in the coup because the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) can only issue a warrant if the President or his designated official is the requester. The process hasn’t changed much over the years since I was the staff person on the National Security Staff for President Reagan regarding intelligence activities, terrorism, and FISC requests. The President or some powerful person on his staff would be kept fully informed of any significant issues with a FISC issue. If President Trump gets elected for another four years, his team will be able to root out the cancers left by the Obama/Biden Administration.

The President still has several high hurdles to get over to win a second term. Nearly all the media communicate misleading and even made-up news. Day after day this barrage of misinformation belittles the Trump accomplishment. The Globalists and One-Worlders are constantly working to distort Trump initiatives. Remember the Globalists are the people who brought us the rust belt, parts of which still remain. The motive to move manufacturing out of America was simply to earn more profits for their parent companies. The welfare of the working people or the nation were not important factors. Add in the far left organizations, the whining RHINO Republicans, Wall Street, and the millions of Democratic lemmings that still believe the Democratic Party is alive and well, and Trump’s re-election is not a slam dunk, even though it should be.

Here is where it gets interesting. The anti-Trump forces are not dumb. Do you think they believe Biden can match up against Trump? No, but it is possible to elect Biden if they keep him quiet and use street riots, misinformation about the pandemic, damage the economic recovery, and take away the Trump rallies. The socialist forces in America are numerous and shameless. They believe once they get Biden elected, they won’t need him anymore. They will choose his Cabinet and get the Vice President to take over temporarily and then permanently once it is clear Biden isn’t capable of governing. And that is how America can become a Socialist nation.

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