We are getting close to a very critical election day. It is an overused term to get attention, but I think in this case it is not strong enough to say this is an historical election. It may be the last real election. Once the radical left gains power they do not like to give it up.  The whole struggle with the Trump populist movement was to gain power. Why risk another game changing election. Better to use the time to fortify the win.  

A good example is the issue of law enforcement. The left has made significant progress in marginalizing the police forces in our big cities. Even the Socialists know you can’t govern without an ability to enforce compliance. How can they replace the defunded police forces? Simple take a page from the early history of the Nazi socialist Party after Hitler gained power. The Nazi Party used the “Brown Shirts,” the fore runners of ANTIFA and BLM. If the radical left wins the coming election, law and order will become enforced compliance and BLM and ANTIFA Forces will rapidly become the new well-funded socialist police. Forget due process, the Constitution, and the balance of power in our current three-part government. Any elections after the socialists take control will only be a sham.  

Under our Constitutional form of government an appointed group of people form the bureaucracy that runs the Government at the direction of the Executive and applicable laws. As we have seen in the coup attempt against President Trump, the civil service was no obstacle. The coup could not have been run without many of our bureaucrats committing treason or pretending it was not happening. 

The civil service, the military, and local police forces will not stop a socialist takeover of America even if the process is clearly unconstitutional. Does anyone doubt that the media is already on the side of the Socialists? The elites that run our failing colleges and universities have managed to convince the young people we send to them on trust they will learn useful skills and the ability to think have taught them that our culture and national history needs to be replaced by some utopian socialist system that has never worked anywhere. 

Trump has foes within his own party. Several Senators are not helping him. They instead are serving those who give them campaign funds. These Globalist don’t care about America or the working class. Another round of the “Rust Belt” with high profit margins for their big corporations would suit them just fine. These managers learned what counts is profits now. Those profits came from moving American manufacturing to China, India and elsewhere where labor was cheaper, and taxes were lower than in the United States. Get rid of Trump and his America first deal making and they will be in charge again. Just ask a Bush, Romney or any of the other RHINOS if they want a world without Trump. 

President last major foe are the Republicans who don’t like Trump. They don’t want him to tweet even if there is no other way to get the good news out to the people. The main line media will not report it. They also don’t like it that President Trump is not manageable by the Washington establishment. Why did he fire so many of the staff he inherited from Bush and Obama? The fact that he makes his own decisions and has been right so often irritates ‘politically correct’ who would sooner have a socialist government rather than a successful pragmatist like President Trump. They have never lived in a socialist or communist country. I have and guarantee they won’t like it. The problem is that these lemmings won’t get another chance. 

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  1. bob

    With the educational system in socialist hands it’s hard to reason with the new generation.

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