“Shades of Justice” Chapter Sixty

After a good night’s sleep, Kathy felt like a new woman. Still in her bathrobe, she went down the hall to see Jody. The door was ajar and looking in she saw Gideon on the bed. Jody was still asleep with her arm around the big pup. Gideon saw her and raised his head but made no move to get up, as if saying, It’s okay, I have her. Kathy turned and went to the kitchen where she found Mrs. Minh drinking a cup of green tea. Kathy thought, This is one tough woman. I’m glad she is on our side. In the kitchen, running the house, or in a gunfight she could more than hold her own. Mrs. Minh had been fighting the Viet Cong at an age when most kids were in the sixth grade. Her husband was no different, except a few years older.

Mrs. Minh got up and poured Kathy a cup of freshly brewed French roast. Kathy asked her to pour one for Mr. Brandon then carried the coffee back to their bedroom and found Jack shaving. She perched on the edge of the tub and told him what she knew about Jody. When she finished, Jack said, “I’ll ask Lou and Storm to find out what they can. Obviously she’ll have to stay here for several weeks to get her health back. Once we know a little more about her, we can find things for her to do. Otherwise she’ll go bonkers.”

“I’m glad you came to the same conclusion,” Kathy nodded. “Gideon has adopted her as his charge. I peeked in her room. She was sleeping with her arm around Gideon. He raised his head and gave me this look like, ‘I got it.’ So I left him there. With us gone so much, with the Minhs and Gideon she’ll have some friends here.”

“Speaking of being gone, before Jim Marshall can disappear with his blood money and perhaps some female captives, I have to go out there. Please stay here with Jody and run the place while I’m gone. We need to get the office space Storm and Lou will need set up. We also need a dependable smart lawyer. You know, Sally McGovern just might like to fill the lawyer slot. Think about it. I’ll take Shadow, Kelly, and Sally with me. Kelly is shooting almost as well as her mother and Sally is coming along. I read Kelly the riot act last night over her walking to her parked car by herself. She needs a chance to redeem herself.”

“Okay. I’ll stay. I hate staying and worrying. With Jody here, there is little choice. Promise you will call every day.”

“Sure, but before I go I want to empty this house of everything incriminating. I’ll take the Flex into the garage and load nearly all our arms and ammunition and sniper stuff and take Shadow and Gideon to the cabin. No one should be able to associate it with us. The hidden room there would be hard to find. I can be there and back in nine hours. Anything you think should go to the cabin put in the garage and I’ll load it. I’ll need another throwaway cell. I don’t want any phone records of me being in Montana or in the area of the cabin, especially when we take the Marshalls and their prison down.”

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