“Shades of Justice” Chapter Sixty-one

Jack and his canine friends were back from the cabin before nightfall. Jack asked Kathy if she could sit in on a pre-mission planning session with the girls, including Storm.

“Yes, if you do it right now.”

“See you in the conference room in ten.”

Jack got Storm on the intercom and asked her to get Kelly and Sally and come to the conference now.

Kathy was waiting as the others filed in clutching cups of coffee. The girls were looking a bit puzzled. Kelly was trying hard to act normal after hearing Jack’s critical remarks last night. Jack said, “I’m leaving for Montana in the morning. Shadow, Kelly, and Sally are coming with me. Storm, I want you to do a quick research on these people and their business, include some satellite images of their shooting camp and maps of a half-circle 15 miles out to the west and south of the camp. I want to get in and out without a paper or digital trail. Kelly and Sally, 40-pound packs with everything you need. Your favorite rifle, handgun, and 50 rounds each. Include enough trail food for three days for yourself and up to four captives. Include extra blankets. If there are captives, they may not be able to walk out. We’ll need to establish a safe campsite where they can rest and we can get what they need to move on. Remember, it might be cold and wet but no tents, just tarps we can put up. I’ll carry what Shadow needs and any extra gear like medical kits and short-range person-to-person communications. Sally, follow Kelly’s lead. She’s done this before. That’s it, let’s go.”

On the way back to their rooms, Sally said, “We need to get three or four pairs of light shoes. If we find captives, they will need shoes. They’ll still be wearing what they were wearing when grabbed off the street. A good chance those shoes won’t hold up for an all-day walk in rough country.”

Kelly said, “Okay, you get the shoes. I’ll start getting the other stuff together.”

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