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Author of "Justice Beyond Law," "Justice Without Mercy," "Shades of Justice," "Justice Without Mercy," and "Run to Freedom," as well as two ,"nonfiction books ,"INSIGHTS-The Transforming of America," and "INSIGHTS-Stepping Stones to Tyranny. He also is the author of the blog "8 Decades of Insights." Barry Kelly is no stranger to the world of espionage, counter-terrorism, weapons, deep cover, and the inner workings of the governmental security apparatus. His immersion in the Cold War began with enlistment in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War. Following his discharge, he earned a BA from the University of Pittsburgh and a master’s degree from Duke. His career in the CIA included deep cover operations and overseas experience, primarily in South and Southeast Asia. He has been awarded the Certificate of Merit with Distinction, the Intelligence Medal of Merit, the Cross of Gallantry with Silver Star, the Distinguished Intelligence Medal and the Intelligence Officer of the Year Award. After retiring from the CIA, Kelly served as a special assistant to President Reagan. He holds a first dan black belt in hap-ki-do. Visit or find the author on Facebook.

“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 27

After the one day meeting with the other members of the team in Charleston, Kelly wasJWM Serialization told to go back to Pitt and make arrangements for an extended absence. Three days later she was on her way back.

Kathy parked in the short-term parking at Charleston Airport and took up a position at the baggage carousel. She had been there ten minutes watching the approach to the baggage area. Kelly’s flight landed some 15 minutes ago, according to the overhead monitor. Kathy was beginning to think maybe Kelly missed her flight, when she noticed a well-dressed young woman approaching her.

Kelly smiled and said, “What’s the matter? Don’t you recognize me?”

Kathy laughed and hugged Kelly. “Aren’t you suited and booted? You didn’t have a wardrobe like that the last time I saw you. You look wonderful. Anita would approve. I know I do. Can’t have you looking like that around Jack. I know he really liked your mother and, if anything, you are even more beautiful. I’m suddenly motivated to go shopping.”

“I’ll join you. All I have is this carry-on. My other stuff wasn’t worth hauling around. It is really great to be earning enough money that I can buy a few things without getting a headache about the cost.”

On the trip back to Johns Island, Kathy briefed Kelly on the car bomb event and the need to keep track of the one person who escaped the fire. Jack wanted them to pick up watching Hankins as soon as they were told where he settled. She would have a few days to get ready for her first assignment.

Kathy told Kelly that Jack asked her to check out her shooting and Hapkido skills first thing tomorrow morning and to give her some basic tips on surveillance and tradecraft. “This briefing is the beginning of your training. You must remember what I’ve told you. After a few days, I’ll expect intelligent questions and comments.”

Kelly said, “Great, it’s about time I start living up to my Marino heritage.”

While chatting with Kelly on the way home, Kathy thought this is more than awesome. Here I am talking with Anita’s daughter just like I used to talk with her. I’m only about seven years older than she, but I feel like I’m her mother. You can believe I’m going to watch over her. Don’t worry, Anita, I have her back. I more than owe you for saving Jack’s life. Kelly is a great kid. She looks so much like you that I almost called her Anita. You can be proud of her. She turned out well. If I ever have a daughter, I hope she can be like Kelly.

As a special treat, Kathy and Shadow brought Kelly coffee in bed on her first morning in the Brandon house. Kathy said, “Just so you know, this is a one-time event. Although Shadow may come in to say good morning, he does not served fresh brewed French roast. Also for you Pittsburgh people, this is a very old South Asia custom, to serve bed tea or coffee to honored guests. Now you have one hour to have breakfast before we head to the shooting range Jack and I have been using.”

“Okay. I’ll be ready. But, tell me, why do you and Jack still practice at the range? I thought you both were already very good.”

“Very good is not good enough. We are better than very good, Jack especially. To stay sharp you need regular practice and the weapon needs to be constantly checked for small deviations in performance. Most of the time, the deviations are the operator’s fault.

“After the shooting session, I’ll checkout your Hapkido progress. This afternoon we’ll do some surveillance training. Consider this as a fast forward boot camp. Do not ask questions during the exercises. Just listen. You can ask questions later when we go over your performance. You now have 55 minutes to get ready. Time to roll. Let’s go, girl!”

Kathy left but Shadow stayed with Kelly, who asked, “Is she always like that. I guess the honeymoon is over.”

Shadow put his big front paws gently on the bed and wagged his stubby tail while Kelly sipped her coffee and rubbed his head. The bond between the two was instant. Jack told her Shadow, in some way, knew she was a friend because of Anita. He couldn’t explain it other than to tell her dogs were a lot smarter than people believed. If you are open to them, you will learn that they can communicate.

After a breakfast of soft poached eggs on toasted raisin bread, grits, smoked sausage and two more cups of coffee, Kelly thought maybe the honeymoon wasn’t quite over. The Minhs were excellent cooks. In the car on the way to the shooting range, Kathy told her that the Minhs were warriors and their primary role was to protect the Brandon house. Two friends of Jack’s father who were also his house staff were killed when a terrorist cell from Charleston attacked and burned the Brandon house in Virginia. Shadow was badly wounded in the attack, but sounded the alarm and killed the man who shot him. Don’t judge the Minhs by their appearance. They are old but still formidable fighters with experience in fire fights.

Before leaving the house, Kathy picked up a High Standard .22 with a six-inch barrel and a .357 revolver Dan Wesson model with a six-inch barrel. The .22 to check Kelly’s form and accuracy and the .357 Magnum to test her skill with a heavy caliber high recoil weapon. Both weapons, among an assortment of others, were in the oversized gun cabinet in the Brandon house.

Kathy started with the man-sized paper target at a 15-foot distance. She checked Kelly’s grip and form and made a few small adjustments. She told Kelly to fire the entire magazine into the chest area with a tight grouping.

Kelly put all her shots into a six-inch grouping in the left side of the chest area. Kathy said, “Not bad. I see you have your mother’s genes. She was very good with a handgun and outstanding with a rifle.”

Moving the target silhouette to thirty feet, Kathy told Kelly to reload and to focus on head shots, using the same steady firing rate she used at the 15-foot range. All but two of the rounds were in the head.

Kathy commented, “Very good. It seemed to me that you missed your first and next to last shots. The first miss was because of an improper setup to begin. Your weight was a little too much on your back foot. The second miss looked to me that you had lost focus momentarily. Let’s try that again at 35 feet. Same drill. Concentrate. In this case there is only one target.”

This time Kelly put all 10 rounds into the target’s head. Kathy said, “Not only good. But very good. That was excellent shooting. Jack will be pleased. Now let’s move up to the big stuff. Don’t think that the .22 High Standard is not a very effective and deadly weapon, especially when loaded with .22 long rifle hollow points. It can also be fitted with an effective sound suppression system.”

For the .357 Magnum, Kathy moved the new target back to the 15-foot range. Kathy watched carefully as Kelly loaded the heavy revolver and brought it up to her firing position. The revolver was near the top of the line for recoil. Indoor shooting with this weapon required good ear protection. Unfortunately, when you had to use it in a real situation, especially inside, ear protection was not standard practice. Using a slow cadence, Kelly put all six shots in a 14-inch circle. Using rapid fire, two of the six missed the target.

Kathy said, “Not bad! The .357 Magnum revolvers are not made for beginning shooters to score well. Practice is necessary. Now that we have tried both ends of the recoil scale, try my .45 caliber SOCOM. It manages the recoil better and has a 12-round magazine. I noticed that our hands are about the same size. This weapon should feel good in your hands. As you can see, a sound suppressor can be easily attached. Give it a try. Fire the entire magazine, and then insert the second magazine and continue firing. The target will be at 30 feet. Fire when ready.”

After firing the .357 revolver, the .45 automatic seemed easy to control. Kelly fired two magazines and put all her shots in the chest and head of the silhouette. Kelly cleared her weapon, turned toward Kathy and said, “I love that gun. It felt like an extension of my arm. I didn’t fight the recoil.”

“We have one more in our cabinet. You can have it. I want you to get a concealed weapon permit. The man who runs the range will help you with the applications and requirements. Use our address. The house is in my name. Let’s get some lunch and after that we’ll run a surveillance exercise.”

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“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 26

Kathy told Lou to keep their hotel rooms for now. On their way back to Mount Pleasant, JWM SerializationStorm said to her father, “Well, are we living high on the hog or what? Our new employer either has real money or he doesn’t care about it.”

Lou replied, “Yeah. I think both. He has money and doesn’t mind his people going first class. But, don’t take that for softness. I was with him when we fired the garage. He is one cool and deadly guy. Kathy told me he had killed a knife fighter with a single blow to the chest. That’s how he got the scar on his upper left arm. I know something about street fighting but Jack is a trained killer. All I know about Hapkido is that it is a Korean martial art and a very deadly skill. When it comes to killing, the Koreans are serious. Kathy said Jack was trained by the best. She’s also had some Hapkido training. Did you also see that they are never without a weapon on them or within reach? No mistake, we are with some very serious people. Three of them went on a mission last year. Two came back. What we’re doing with them is very dangerous. On the plus side, they are very good people and won’t expect us to take any risks they wouldn’t take.”

“I agree, but there is another thing. The pay is very good. In six months, I will be out of debt. I’ll risk my ass under those conditions.”

“Okay, daughter, but stay very focused. Jack said to pick up a couple of bikes. We’ll use my bike. I know what it will do and it’s comfortable for two people. Some of these bikers will be hard. I’d like for us to stay together. Bikes can get separated all too easily. Besides I’m proud of my bike. I’ve kept it in good condition and for a thirty-year-old Harley, it does okay.”

Storm said, “If we are going to be showing money around, we need to get some newer biker clothes. I also assume we’ll be carrying.”

“You got that right! We’ll take those two 9mm Brownings I got from my dad. You’ve fired them several times. I think you’re pretty good. They’re untraceable and we have permits. Problem is they don’t match the fake IDs we’ll be getting from Kathy.”

Lou asked, “What do you think of our assignment? Any ideas about approaches?”

“Yes, when we get set up in a motel or wherever, I’ll get working on collecting info on local bike clubs and do some discreet hacking into police files and suspect clubs. If radical Muslims are behind this violence, then there has to be some connection with a Mosque or Muslim organization. We can hit the local biker hangouts from Myrtle Beach to Columbia, maybe Atlanta. I can pose as your lover. No father would be parading his daughter around in some of the places we’ll be going.”

“Okay! But, how about the other question I asked? About how you feel about our job?”

“First off, we need the money. I’m tired of dreading picking up our mail and answering bill collection calls. We need to do better. This is a chance to get a stake. That’s the upside. Downside is that I’m scared. These are nice people, and they’re treating us very well. I even like them, but make no mistake, these are hard people with little or no give. I have never killed anyone or even come close. I don’t think Jack or Kathy lose any sleep over killing. My God, there were six people in that building. Five of them burned to death. I know you helped set the fire but how do you handle what you did?”

“I’ve been involved a few times in the past with operations that resulted in people getting killed. Killing marks everyone. I don’t care how cool they seem. It stays with them. I’m sure Jack and Kathy handle it by knowing they did the right thing. Wouldn’t it be worse if we had let the car bombs go off in downtown Charleston? How many innocent people could’ve been killed and/or maimed for life? Where is the moral certitude?

“A very senior citizen who served in Vietnam as a civilian contractor told me a story that helped me understand personal responsibilities. He said that he was in direct control of a few Vietnamese hunter/killer teams that patrolled the jungles within rocket range of major cities. A subordinate had given rules of engagement instructions to one team that prevented them from firing on groups carrying 122 millimeter rockets within launching range of civilian targets, if women and children were part of the group. He told me that he countered that order because the people carrying those missiles had some choice, however slight, not to follow Viet Cong orders. The innocent civilians sleeping in their homes had no choice when death from the skies fell on them. Where is the morally right decision? In my mind, our responsibility is to protect the innocent. That’s what we did in starting the fire in the garage hiding two car bombs.

“Remember we may get into a situation where I’ll expect you to cover my back. If you feel you can’t do that, please tell me now.”

“I think …”

“Not good enough. You can’t think. In an emergency, action moves too fast for you to think. You must react. There’s no time for thinking, analyzing or reflecting. When going into action, leave the thinking behind. Just react. Shoot and we’ll sort it out later. In the meantime we will both be alive. Don’t try to wound or disable the shooters. Aim for the body mass and shoot, just the way we did at the range. ”

“I can protect your back but help me to get ready. I just don’t have your instincts. I don’t see all the variations you see all the time. Our heads are different.”

“Seeing the threats and possible fighting moves will come to you with a bit of experience. Some people never get it. You will! Being constantly ready, knowing what’s going down and what your role is will guide your actions without any mental hesitations. Now let’s get our bike out and serviced and get ourselves packed. I think we’ll also visit the range before we start out.”

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“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 25

Jim Beasley, the fireman Jack and Shadow met at the fire site, couldn’t believe his luck. JWM SerializationThe man they had just missed killing in Pittsburgh was in Charleston with his damn dog. They weren’t able to get many details about his brother’s death, but they did know the dog had saved Brandon and his wife. What the hell were they doing in Charleston, especially at the fire site? When he got home, he would call for a family conference. Brandon would soon learn that the ways of the South were not dead yet. Revenge for killing family members called for, no, demanded revenge. No mistakes this time. Brandon was on Beasley turf. His older brother, Jake, was a former cop who was now selling real estate. He could find out where Brandon and his dog were staying. Damn, he would soon be a family hero! God is good, an eye for an eye. That’s the Bible’s way.




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“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 24

Formerly Hankins, now Huxley knew he wasn’t going back into the rug business. The JWM Serializationman from Herat could find him in a week or less if he did. No, his new business had to be very different. And it had to be in his hunting area. He knew this coastal area from Mount Pleasant north to Myrtle Beach. Before he had driven five miles north on Route 17, he decided to make a U turn and go south to Georgetown, a perfect place for many blue collar service jobs and an area he could hunt from.

Georgetown was perfect. Robert Huxley would be a house interior painter. He knew paints from his high school jobs and working with Oriental rugs gave him a sense of color coordination. Almost no start-up costs. Just a one-man business operated out of a small rundown garage or warehouse. His Ford Explorer could be his work vehicle. The roof rack could carry all the ladders he would need. No paid advertising, just word of mouth and maybe some hand-delivered flyers in mail boxes. People would hire him because he was low cost, neat and showed up on the job as promised.

His good-for-nothing dad did make him develop a work ethic, and he learned the value of keeping your word and showing up to do good work, especially the finishing. All that was necessary was to put up a good front.

While he drove, Huxley worked on his new identity, oblivious to the two surveillance cars a quarter-mile behind him. As surveillance jobs go, Huxley was easy. He showed no signs of being conscious of anyone following him. His sudden U turn did make his followers back off a little farther. Once he stopped and got out of the car, it would be different, small town foot surveillance is difficult. Strangers do not blend in easily.

Maybe, just maybe, he could go hunting in the next few days.

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“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 23

The early edition of the Charleston newspapers and TV news carried the story of the fire JWM Serializationon Market Street. There was very little information for the Professor to analyze. The fire burned the rug shop to the ground. Five badly burned bodies were found, three males and two females. No identifications were being released yet. The article reported that the hulks of two cars were found in the garage. It is not known if the shop owner, a Mr. Joel Hankins, is one of the bodies. The car registered to the shop owner has not been located. The cause of the fire is yet unknown. Charleston fire department forensics personnel are still investigating.

The Professor put his plans for further violence on hold until he had time to decide if his operation was in some way compromised. If no one reported back to him, he would assume that the shop owner escaped and the people he sent to Charleston to carry out the car bombing all died in the fire. For now, he would wait for the rug merchant’s personal ad to appear and see if the Charleston authorities discovered the residue of explosives in the burned cars. No matter what, his plan to spread terror and chaos in the Charleston area would continue. Joel Hankins was not an important part of his plan. But, if he did not use his contact procedures, the Professor would conclude he was now a liability and send someone to find and kill him.

Frank, at the Counter Terrorism Center, decided that it would be impossible to control the investigation of the fire. The explosive residue in the cars would surely be revealed, but he doubted arson would be suspected. Most likely the evidence would point to faulty mixing or storing of the explosive since there was no explosion. For now he was going forward with tracking Joel Hankins and hoping a lead to the Professor would emerge from observing Hankins. He knew Jack Brandon was strengthening his team and could follow up on any action required in the Charleston area. Thank God, Jack’s team had uncovered and destroyed the car bombing plot.

Kathy met Kelly Marino’s flight from Pittsburgh and used the drive back to their house to bring her up to date. Kelly said, “Now I see why you pay such big salaries. I guess I’ll have to earn mine. I’m ready to get started. I can keep up with my studies with the University’s online program. I hope there is a place I can continue with my Hapkido training. I really like it and seem to have an aptitude for the moves. I remember Jack telling me to concentrate on the movement of the feet. Boy, was he ever right. Some of the higher belts haven’t figured that out yet. I’m getting ready to test for my blue belt in the next month.”

When Kathy pulled the SRX into the driveway, she saw that Storm and Lou Washington were already there. She gave Kelly a short rundown on the father and daughter on the way to the deck where Jack was waiting to begin a planning session.

After introductions, he briefed them on the fire scene, “Shadow and I walked along Market Street past the burned rug shop. There were a few firemen and police officers at the scene and yellow tape everywhere. We stopped and one of the firemen came over. I think he wanted to see Shadow. Not many Bouviers walking around in downtown Charleston. He asked so many questions about Shadow that I felt free to ask him about the fire. So far they haven’t determined the cause. Arson hasn’t been ruled out. The building was burned so completely that the investigation is very slow. The five bodies all appear to have been killed by smoke inhalation and burned beyond recognition. There were no smoke alarms, and it looks as if the people were surprised and waited too long to get down the only exit from the second floor.

“After the fireman walked away, Shadow nudged my leg and gave a low growl. I think he was remembering the attack on my father’s house that killed my father, his two friends and house staff, and burned the house down. Shadow was badly wounded in the fight but managed to kill one of the attackers. Still, his reaction to the fireman was out of character for him. He’s usually good with people and very laid back.”

At that time the Minhs came out with a heaping tray of sandwiches, sweet tea and soft drinks. When everyone had settled down, Jack said, “Counting Shadow and the Minhs, we are a group of eight, a small group with a big job. We don’t sign secrecy agreements and have no legal penalties for leaking information. But there are always consequences. I do not give second chances for carelessness, stupid risk taking or not following orders. Most times you will have an opportunity to voice your reservations and offer changes to plans. I want that. But, so much is at stake, including our lives, that there is no room for tentative actions or varying independently from the plan. You can count on having some kind of communications in every operation, so no need for acting without informing. Even with everyone doing their best, bad things can happen. On our last foreign venture, Kelly’s mother, a true and highly trained, dedicated warrior, was killed saving my life. All of our operations are based on the volunteer principle. Before I go any further does anyone have questions or want out? Now is the time.”

Kelly said, “I’m a newbie but count me in. In the short time I have been a member of this group, everything they told me they would do, has been done.”

Storm spoke up, “My dad tells me I can trust you people. That’s enough for me. But, I would like to know a little about what you expect from me when we leave your house.”

“Fair enough. Tomorrow morning I want you and Lou to get a couple of bikes. Your job is to infiltrate biker groups, especially those with a radical Muslim ideology, and try to get a lead on the bikers that torched religious buildings in Charleston last week. If we can identify one of them, we’ll have a chance of finding the Professor and ending his terror plots.

“The bikers may be hired help. They could attract attention by spending too much money. Work the areas where biker organizations exist within 200 hundred miles of Charleston. Kathy will give you money for expenses. Don’t be too careful about letting people know you are not hurting for money. Come up with your own cover scheme. Again, Kathy will support you with some flash documentation. Use cash. No credit cards. This house will be manned 24/7 until we get some leads. Use your new cells and leave messages on the house phone, at least once a day. Don’t hesitate to leave small bits of information that may seem unimportant.

“Kathy and Kelly will concentrate on Joel Hankins, the rug shop guy and serial killer. He must have a way to get in touch with the Professor or his people. We now know where he is and can track his car. Remember, this guy is a monster. He has killed a number of young girls. Our job is not to bring him in or stop him if it means alerting the Professor to be even more careful. In this case national security trumps criminal cases, no matter how heinous. Kathy has some good contacts in the world of national security and will use them to help us. Okay, let’s finish up the food and everyone get a good night’s sleep. Kelly will bunk here for the time being.”

After Kelly left to go to her room, Kathy put her arms around Jack and said, “Well done. I knew there was some reason beyond your money and good looks that make me want to crawl in bed with you. Before I seduce you, I need to tell you I’m worried.”

“What could be worrying you?”

“Your dog. That’s what. I was almost shaking when you were telling us about Shadow’s reaction at the fire site. That dog has never, never been wrong. I trust his instincts more than my own. He gave your father warning when Yuri’s team attacked his house. He killed one of the attackers, he warned us of a bomb in your old Pittsburgh house, and he played a big role in saving us from the gunman in the same house the next day.

“We have evidence that Yuri’s attack team came from Charleston to kill your father. We know Yuri’s cells were often made up of family members. It’s probable that the Pittsburgh gunman came from the same family in Charleston. And now some fireman at a Charleston fire site asks a number of questions about Shadow, and Shadow’s reactions to him were definitely hostile. The easiest way for that family or cell members to find you is to look for a Brandon who owns a big black Bouvier. Now I know that is all probable and stretches of logic, but I trust that dog. One more thing, I suppose that you gave the fireman your name if he introduced himself.”

“Yeah, I did. Your thesis is a bit farfetched, but we have to act on it. The risk of ignoring your analysis is too great. I’ll brief the Minhs right away. They’ll know a few people from their days in Vietnam who can help us. By tomorrow noon our security will be improved. I have a weakness for trusting people in uniform for what they represent. I need to crank up my suspicion level. I hope you’re wrong but you have my attention.”

“Okay, now that we’ve solved that issue, let’s go play the mating game.” One of the many things Kathy loved about Jack was his interest in giving pleasure to her. In their lovemaking Jack had learned she didn’t like prolonged foreplay or teasing. She liked her sex uncomplicated. Hard and fast. Taking his hand, she led him back to the master bedroom.

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Myth or reality?

To separate myths from realities, I believe you must keep the investigation simple; myths require complexity to exist.

The first myth is that Donald J. Trump stole the election from Hillary Clinton with the help of the Russians. Since myths do not require proof or evidence, only belief and righteous indignation, the Trump collusion charge is a near-perfect myth. After two years of investigation by a Special Counsel and the FBI, no evidence, as in none, has been found. What has been found is an unwavering attempt to manufacture evidence that continues, even though no crime has been identified and collusion itself is not a crime. The crimes that Mr. Mueller continues to ignore are the numerous crimes committed by the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, the FBI, and the Department of Justice.

The collusion mythology carries on only to damage a duly elected President and his Administration. For the first time in my memory, the entire power of the government under President Obama was used to ensure power was passed to another Democratic (socialist) candidate. When President Trump clearly won a compelling number of Electoral votes, the leftovers of the Obama Administration became the deep state and created a Special Counsel that, by the laws governing this process, was illegal from the beginning. In America, “rule of law” and “due process” require the government to investigate crimes, not to abuse the rights of citizens in the search for a crime. If there is no crime, there cannot be a lawful investigation. The myth is that there was a crime and President Trump is guilty of that crime. Since the myth is clearly false, the Special Counsel’s investigation is a political witch hunt which must be terminated with a return to “due process” and the “rule of law.”

The second myth is that the President is engaging in a no-win trade war when he uses tariffs to seek reciprocal trade agreements with other nations that have taken advantage of American goodwill for decades. All the socialists or progressive members of the Democratic Party, the “Never Trumpers,” and the “Globalists,” or “One-Worlders,” are radically against the President.

This group includes the people who brought us the “Rust Belt” and little or no economic growth. These people are only after personal and corporate wealth. They have been trained to seek the highest return possible, no matter where it comes from. If they think the source of steady high returns for the investment dollar come from China, Japan, Europe, or any low cost of labor area, that is where they invest. It doesn’t matter where the profit comes from as long as they and their clients get rich.

Trade imbalances with China, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and elsewhere are not problems to them. Steady profits are the name of the game. Rust Belt cities, unemployment lines, falling wages, slow growth in America are not factors in their drive for profits. When Wall Street, bankers, the Federal Reserve, globalists, and money managers rail against President Trump and his use of tariffs to bargain for reciprocal trade agreements, they are simply trying to protect their foreign investments.

When America’s manufacturing moved to foreign lands, the money people got richer. Their investments grew, and their clients prospered, while the rest of America paid the bill.  Trump is not engaging in a trade war, this is a myth. He is simply bargaining for a better deal for America, and he is willing to fight the money establishment to get that better deal.





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“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 22

Joel was keeping within the speed limit, even though he desperately wanted to get north JWM Serializationof Georgetown on Route 17 before the State Police would be looking for his car. Once there he could decide where it would be safest to stop for the night. He had some minor burns on his neck and arms that hurt like hell. Joel had no feeling for the people who died in the fire. Just the feeling that he had lost his capital and the hard work he put in to build his business. Thank God, he had saved the images of the young girls in their moment of death. Those couldn’t be replaced. Each one was unique.

He had enough of al Qaeda. If all they could do was destroy his business in a failed bombing attempt, he was done with them. Take their money and disappear. He didn’t care if he ever touched another rug. He would find another way to support himself and his real work of hunting and killing young women. His research was much more fulfilling than selling rugs and acting as a boarding house keeper for occasional terrorists. Let the man from Herat try to find him.

When Joel’s van parked in the rundown Vision Motel in Surfside, the CIA helicopter that had tracked him from his rug shop in Charleston reported his position, and a ground surveillance team vectored into the location took up position around the motel. Frank had instructed the team to maintain discreet surveillance but do not lose the target.

The next morning Joel drove over to the Citizen’s Bank of Surfside. After going through the identification procedures, he emptied his safety deposit box of two different identity packages and $100,000. Now he was equipped to disappear. Using his new identity as Robert Huxley, he bought a five-year-old gray Ford Explorer in good condition with 40,000 miles. It was a cash deal in a small used car lot that was hurting for business. No questions were asked, and he drove off with dubious temporary plates.

His old blue van was parked two blocks from the used car lot. Getting rid of it would not be a problem. Parking the van in a nearby strip mall with the keys in the ignition and no plates would attract some of the clientele hanging around the cut rate shops. Pulling up several slots away from the van, Huxley AKA Hankins removed the van’s plates, took his reserve of stolen plates from under the back floor mat, and drove off in his Ford Explorer. The temporary plates would last 30 days.

When Joel’s car was out of sight, one of the three surveillance cars pulled into the mall and parked beside Hankins’ abandoned car and removed the tracking beacon. Frank instructed his surveillance team to remove the beacon Kathy had placed behind the grill and not to install it on another car. The Professor was far too street smart. He’d check Hankins’ car for beacons at the first opportunity.

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