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259 | Enough of the GOP purists.

258 | Blog bits and pieces.

257 | We need a leader.

256 | The real choice.

255 | First Amendment spin.

254 | Forget the labels: Get it done!

253 | The Trump plan.

252 | Senator Sanders’ big lie.

251 | Who do we need?

250 | Bernie’s version of socialism.

249 | Who will you choose?

248 | Tell us the truth.

247 | Senator Rubio is right.

246 | Things to think about.

245 | Things to think about.

244Things to think about.

243Things to think about.

242 | The real legacy.

241 | The Advisor criticizes the President’s speech. Click here.

240 | The ISIS threat in America. Click here.

239 | Immigration, a key part of transformation. Click here.

238 | Paris or here, no surprise. Click here.

237 | Newest novel, “Blood Justice,” available now. Click here.

236 | Presidential weakness or ideological conviction? Click here.

235 | If not a progressive, the president wants at least a big government guy. Click here.

234 | The Russian empire moves into the Mediterrannean. Click here.

233 | Who shuts down the government? Click here.

232 | Creating class warfare. Click here.

231 | Leading from behind. Click here.

230 | The Advisor, the President, and the Republican candidates. Click here.

229 | What happened to the Democratic Party? Click here.

228 | Getting ready to talk about the economy. Click here.

227 | The Advisor, the President, and the primaries. Click here.

226 | Are we there yet? Click here.

225 | Who takes over the transformation process? Click here.

224 | The Advisor asks the President why he doesn’t govern. Click here.

223 | The Donald and the GOP. Click here.

222 | The Advisor wants to know: Why Iran now? Click here.

221 | The Advisor asks: What made you do it? Click here.

220 | The Advisor and the President discuss the civil service. Click here.

219 | The Advisor and the President debate the rule of law. Click here.

218 | The Advisor’s turn. Click here.

217 | The Advisor reacts to the Iran nuclear agreement. Click here.

216 | The Advisor: Not the advice the President wanted. Click here.

215 | The Advisor’s turn. Click here.

214 | A review of my fifth novel, “ISIS: Quiet Justice.” Click here.

213 | A tribute to South Carolina in the wake of the shooting deaths of nine churchgoers in Charleston. Click here.

212 | The president’s hidden legacy. Click here.

211 | The Advisor’s letter to Americans. Click here.

210 | A new adventure.

209 | The advisor has a new strategy. Click here.

208 | The advisor corrects a false narrative. Click here.

207 | The Advisor exposes a false narrative. Click here.

206 | The president talks about America. Click here.

205 | The president lectures the Advisor. Click here.

204 | The Advisor’s core facts about the Middle East. Click here.

203 | The preident tells the Advisor the truth about Iran. Click here.

202 | The Advisor – What’s with the Iran thing? Click here.

201 | The return of the Advisor. Click here.

200 | The Big Lie. Click here.

199 | A word to liberals. Click here.

198 | Another Brandon novel – not just stories. Click here.

197 | Hillary, the disappearing candidate. Click here.

196 | Consistently destructive. Click here.

195 | Picking a candidate. Click here.

194 | Act now! Click here.

193 | Transforming the world order. Click here.

192 | The facts. Nothing but the facts. Click here.

191 | Rule one. Click here.

190 | The danger to America is within. Click here.

189 | Dangerous, or just an embarrassment? Click here.

188 | Get out of the Iraqi box. Click here.

187 | “Run to Freedom” — a review of my fourth novel. Click here.

186 | Law enforcement and war. Click here.

185 | A response to the State of the Union. Click here.

184 | State of the Union spin. Click here.

183 | Obama’s world view – fantasy or reality? Click here.

182 | Watch the spin doctors. Click here.

181 | What’s wrong with America? Click here.

180 | Behind the White House door. Click here.

179 | The Brandon novels. Click here.

178 | Interrogation, the real story. Click here.

177 | Stepping Stones to Tyranny. Click here.

176 | Who is to blame? Click here.

175 | Political correctness is a virus. Click here.

174 | Why immigration now? Click here.

173 | GOP, act like a winner. Click here.

172 | Down, but not out. Click here.

171 | Wow. A response to Election 2014. Click here.

170 | Writer’s choice. Click here.

169 | Obama’s immigration web. Click here.

168 | Terrorism and You. Click here.
167 | Conservative views. Click here.

166 | Understanding the religion Click here.

165 | The GOP needs to be shaken up. Coming soon.

164 | If words were bullets and promises bombs. Click here.

163 | Trust your government? Click here.

162 |A different kind of book. Click here.

161 | Eric Holder’s end game. Click here.

160 | Facts on the ground. Click here.

159 | Flawed vision or anti-U.S. agenda? Click here.

158 | Who is to blame for our mess? Part 2. Click here.

157 | Who is to blame for our mess? Part 1. Click here.

156 | Boots on the ground over Syria. Click here.

155 | The progressive plan. Click here.

154 | Obama’s scorecard, part 2. Click here.

153 | Obama’s scorecard, part 1. Click here.

152 | Why doesn’t Obama govern? Click here.

151 | The policy needed to defeat ISIS. Click here.

150 | Shape the battlefield, a response to Obama’s speech and plan about ISIS. Click here.

149 | The GOP needs transforming. Click here.

148 | What we believe is under attack, an excerpt from my non-fiction book. Click here.

147 | A magic teleprompter. Click here.

146 | Climate control scam. Click here.

145 | Resist or resign or both? Click here.

144 | The threat of Islam. Click here.

143 | Don’t take a knife to a gunfight. Click here.

142 | Wrong picture. Click here.

141 | Kurds and ISIS. Click here.

140 | Obama and Iraq. Click here.

139 | Israel and Hamas. Click here.

138 | Protect America. Click here.

137 | Freedom of choice. Click here.

136 | The immigration issue, and a solution. Click here.

135 | Obama’s foreign policy. Click here.

134 | A break for fiction. Click here.

133 | Transformation of America and veterans. Click here.

132 | Young, hopeful, and waiting. Click here.

131 | Transformation of America and seniors. Click here.

130 | What about YOU, civil servant? Click here.

129 | Is the president inept? Click here.

128 | Obama and the military. Click here.

127 | Obama’s border. Click here.

126 | When trust fails. Click here.

125 | New map needed. Click here.

124 | A must-read. Click here.

123 | Cut off the cash. Click here.

122 | The myth. Click here.

121 | The constant president. Click here.

120 | It’s transformation, dummy. Click here.

119 | Hey GOP, listen up (again). Click here.

118 | Negotiator-in-chief. Click here.

117 | What is a progressive? Click here.

116 | Obama and the veterans. Click here.

115 | Not just stories. Click here.

114 | A dangerous tolerance. Click here.

113 | Profiling: A survival instinct. Click here.

112 | What is the score? Click here.

111 | The changing face of racism. Click here.

110 | Is this a game? Click here.

109 | Back to America. Click here.

108 | What the numbers say, or don’t say. Click here.

107 | Obama’s yard sale. Click here.

106 | Hey GOP, listen up! Click here.

105 | Law and order. Click here.

104 | Chaos in the land. Click here.

103 | Putin-Obama face-off. Click here.

102 | The GOP needs to mutiny! Click here.

101 | A coup in America? Click  here.

100 | Education: Is it better or worse? Click here.

99 | How the Republican Party can win back the Senate, if only they will. Click here.

98 | Iran and the bomb. Click here.

97 | Politics in February. Click here.

96 | The Advisor — the takedown of America. Click here.

95 | Obama’s magic show. Click here.

94 | My fourth novel, “Run to Freedom,” has been published! Click here.

93 | Predictions for 2014. Click here.

92 | Do you trust your government? Should you? Click here.

91 | A tribute to Nelson Mandela. Click here.

90 | Obama’s Iran. Click here.

89|Tea Party. Click here

88 |Eight principles of health care. Click here

87| Negotiations with Iran. Click here

86 | A break from the Advisor blogs brings you the prologue to my fourth novel, “Run to Freedom.” Click here.

85 | The Advisor tries to fight off loneliness, we see the first mention of “The Keepers of the Book,” and the Advisor muses about the health care fiasco. Click here.

84 | The Advisor wonders: “How can I advise this POTUS?” Click here.

83 | Beware Obama’s progressive agenda, also known as socialism. Click here.

82 | The Advisor wants to know why Obama does some things he does. Click here.

81 | Citizen beware: The President has a scary agenda, even amid a government shutdown. Click here.

80 | More of the same? Does Hilary Clinton really think she can run for president? Click here.

79 | The issue is the issue: The Advisor takes time to think about his situation with the President. Click here.

78 | Beware of the message. Click here.

77 | Obama visits the Advisor at 2 in the morning to listen instead of talk. Click here.

76 | The Advisor takes some time to record important things he’s learned about the president in the journals. Click here.

75 | The president talks about his foreign policy and his past with the advisor and doesn’t like the response he gets from the advisor. Click here.

74 | The advisor talks to the president about Russa, Syria, and warm-water ports. Click here.

73 | The president gets some advice from the Advisor on Syria. Click here.

72| Transforming America. Click here.

71| Republic or democracy? Click here.

70 | Egypt and Obama, another Advisor blog. Click here.

69 | The Advisor feels helpless to help a President who doesn’t seek him out. Click here.

68| The Advisor tries to find out what the President believes. Click here.

67 | The Advisor realizes freedoms are in danger. Click here.

66 | The President convinces himself he doesn’t need advice. Click here.

65 | The Advisor talks to the president about leading from behind. Click here.

64 | The Advisor talks about big government. Click here.

63 | All stories have a message. Click here.

62 | The president seeks advice on Ben Ghazi in the next Advisor blog. Click here.

61 | The president gets advice on the IRS scandal from the Advisor. Click here.

60 | The introduction of The Advisor. Click here.

59 | A little about India, my time there, and how it influenced part of my first book. Click here.

58 | Some thought I’d make a good teacher, but I became a spy instead. Click here.

57 | Oversight and checks and balances. Click here.

56 | What’s to be done? Click here.

55 | A different topic for me: Russia, Syria, and a warm-water port. Click here.

54 | How things work (or should) in the Obama administration. Click here.

53 | A fresh take on some of my older blogs, which are still relevant since scandal after scandal is coming out of the White House. Click here.

52 | IT MATTERS. Click here.

51 | A closer look at freedom in America. Click here.

50 | A review of my third novel, “Shades of Justice,” that ran in a local newspaper. Click here.

49 | A look at modern terrorism. Click here.

48 | Some things you should know about Obama. Click here.

47 | It is what it is. Click here.

46 | Not surprising that gun legislation failed. Click here.

45 | I take a step away from the politics to share a bit about my battle with cancer. Click here.

44 | Worse is good. Click here.

43 | New citizens. Click here.

42 | Had enough yet? Click here.

41| Lying is the issue. Click here.

40 | A tribute to Pat Boone. Click here.

39 | Obama’s flaws. Click here.

38 | Obama’s legacy; it isn’t what you think. Click here.

37 | Obama’s sequestration. Click here.

36 | More on the progression toward socialism. Click here.

35 | Obama’s war. Click here.

34 | Why you can’t believe, a response to the State of the Union. Click here.

33 | The issue is never the issue. Click here.

32 | The real bi-partisan issue. Click here.

31 | Guns: Is a real debate possible? Click here.

30 | The fiscal cliff. Click here.

29 | Utopia versus reality. Click here.

28 | Our nation is in trouble. We need leadership. Click here.

27 | The prologue to my third book, “Hard Justice.” Click here.

26 | What now? A reaction to Obama’s re-election. Click here.

25 | Before you vote, a checklist. Click here.

24 | Obama’s wall. Click here.

23 | Finally, transparency from the president. Click here.

22 | A reaction to one of the presidential debates between Romney and Obama. Click here.

21 | My personal view of President Reagan, with a picture. Click here.

20 | The point of no return. Click here.

19 | Lying, flip-flopping, and spin during an election campaign. Click here.

18 | Beyond the words of an election campaign. Click here.

17 | Where is Obama from and where is he going?  Click here.

16 | A Cinderella story and a different topic than normal. It’s the story of one of my dogs, with a picture. Click here.

15 | You must pay attention when the opposition devoutly believes the end justifies the means. Click here.

14 | Vote the issues. Click here.

13 | This election (2012) is about power. Click here.

12 | The good of someone’s word, especially if those people are politicians. Click here.

11 | The prologue to my second novel, “Justice Without Mercy.” Click here.

10 | My political party position. Click here.

9 | Afghanistan. It’s time to come home. Click here.

8 | Political polarization. Click here.

7 | Digger deeper into ‘centralization.’ Click here.

6 | Centralizing management and how it is affecting and applies to our government. Click here.

5 | Leading up to the November 2012 election and the direction the Democratic Party is heading. Click here.

4 | Class warfare and the path it’s leading us down. Click  here.

3 | The two pillars our government was built on. Click here.

2 | A reaction to the “underpants bomber” incident. Should terrorists be given the same rights as American criminals? Click here.

1 | My first blog, about how I published my first book after scores of rejections, and a bit about what’s next.  Click here.

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