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The Professor: Trump and a Progressive Coup

The following is a fictional account of the dialogue between a political science professor and the students of an honors seminar in an East Coast liberal arts college. 

Robert had just asked, “Is a coup possible in America?”

The Professor smiled and said, “Robert, that’s a very fundamental question. Especially because of the polarization we now have in America. Coups don’t have to be the result of armed conflict or widespread street violence. Remember most dramatic changes in the form and substance of government has occurred through the ballot box and not out of the barrels of guns.

“More correctly, most dramatic changes in the form of government are the result of several voting cycles. The journey to socialism, communism or fascism is an incremental process. Many years ago, I wrote a small book called “Stepping Stones to Tyranny” that explains the process of the gradual loss of choice and individual freedom. The successful socialist revolutionary will pose several issues to the public, none of which seem dramatic. National health care is a good example of a single, but critical first step. Each step results in an expansion of government and a corresponding reduction of  life choices available to individuals in a free society.

“The results of a recent move of a nation into a socialist economy, is Venezuela. The message of Socialism is a seductive one. Voters attracted by the benefits and class warfare rhetoric don’t see they are losing the power of choice or individual freedoms until it is too late. For the Socialist/Progressives to be successful they need a population that has been brought to the promise of ‘cradle to grave’ care over decades. We are close to that point in America, which is why I believe the Progressives have a real shot at establishing a one-party socialist government if they can get rid of the Trump Administration by any means.

“I don’t think there is much doubt that the Progressives/Liberals control our education system, especially in colleges and universities. They certainly have won over most of t national media. The Black and Hispanic voters favor Socialist candidates by wide margins and they have the highest birth rates in America. Illegal immigrants from South and Central America will vote for Progressive Candidates. Our largest population centers on both coasts vote for liberal candidates. Take away the Electoral College and go to a popular vote tally to determine winners and the Progressives could win the next national election. Among registered voters, those who voted twice for Obama, once for Hillary Clinton and today believe the election was stolen from her by the Russians are already in the Progressive/Socialist camp.

“Look how far the Progressives have come in pushing their anti-Trump agenda. They have caused the appointment of a Special Prosecutor, Mr. Mueller a former FBI Director, to investigate collusion between the Trump Administration and the Russians. This all without any evidence that any crime was committed. The Progressives have won a victory simply by keeping the anti-Trump media drum beating its mind-numbing tune. Play the big lie often enough and people will believe it. (A tactic out of the Nazi playbook.)

“The stay behind Obama followers, who have embedded themselves in the Trump Administration, are leaking real classified documents and making up others to damage the Trump Administration. Of all traitors that expose national secrets, leakers are the easiest to find. It is a huge stain on the record of the FBI and The Department of Justice (DOJ) that they are not even conducting a serious effort to find the leakers. Under the Obama Administration leaks made the President look good. Those leakers where never found either.

“The last barrier the Progressives must break through is the ‘rule of law. Unless Mr. Mueller can motivate the FBI and the DOJ to investigate and prosecute offenders, no matter who they are, this important safeguard of freedom will be gone and the Socialist will have won.

“Yes, Robert, I believe a coup in America is possible. Your generation may be the last hope we have of keeping a government consistent with individual liberty alive.”

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Is a coup possible in America? If enough of us keep our heads buried in the sand, it will happen sometime. It may not require violence or the deployment of uniformed troops; there have been coups without gunfire in the streets. A coup is simply the shifting of power from an existing norm to a new organization of government that becomes the new norm. A new structure that no longer permits individual freedom to criticize or work to change back to the old system. The slogan ‘one person, one vote, one time’  is an apt description. No violence or dramatic action is required. A coup can happen slowly over a period of years, one small step at a time.

The one thing that is essential for a coup to succeed is the coup sponsors must first destroy the opposition. In America the first opposition to a coup is the opposing political party. The law and courts also protect our current system. The concept of a separation of powers among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government is another bulwark against inside coups. Lastly, our traditions and collective morality make drastic change harder for the coup makers.

Let’s assume that President Obama and his cadre of progressive radicals are working to turn America into a one-party government, run by a self-proclaimed progressive elite, in order to bring about their version of heaven on earth. Are they succeeding? The only way we can tell is to look at their policies and actions over the last six years.

What do they need to do?

(1) Control health care and associated industries. The Obama administration is well on the way to controlling the seven plus percent of the national economy and a very large part of the populace.

(2) Expand the welfare  system under federal control. The welfare system, including unemployment insurance and food stamps, has grown immensely under Obama.

(3) Ensure win at the polls. Using blatant delaying tactics, the administration withheld critical information on Fast and Furious (gun running to the drug cartels),  Ben Ghazi, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, the targeting of journalists, and the true nature of Obamacare. It also fought voter I.D. legislation in all the states aimed at reducing voter fraud. Why would anyone object to identifying themselves at the polling places? The Obama administration knows how to win elections using all possible tactics.


(4) Re-distribution of wealth. The increase of welfare programs, the pushing  for higher taxes on the wealthy, and constant messaging to promote class warfare are seen by many as an organized campaign to destroy capitalism and the free market. Plans for a death tax to destroy the economic power of wealthy American families are waiting in the wings. The administration is fully prepared to use the United Nations to re-distribute national wealth through programs like Cap and Trade (global warming).

(5) Shift control of industry from the private sector to federal control. The flow of regulations from the executive branch is at the highest level ever. Many of these regulations give the federal government more control over the means of production. (The killing of the coal industry comes to mind.)

(6)  Encourage class warfare issues. Do you remember President Obama ever giving a speech that did not include class warfare rhetoric like “protecting the middle class,” “the widening gap in income levels,” and “the top 2 percent must pay their fair share?” This is the big lie of the Progressives. Repeat it often enough and people will believe it. (A page out of the Nazi coup success.)

(7) Focus attention on domestic issues. Notice the president almost never gives a speech devoted to foreign policy issues. All his energy is devoted to transforming domestic America. He is so inept at foreign policy that it appears he just doesn’t care about foreign issues.

(8) Destroy the opposition. With considerable help from the hopeless Republican Party leadership, Obama progressives are  well on their way to establishing the ground work for a one-party system.

(9) Control the justice system and the courts. The Department of Justice is under tight control of the progressive agenda. Why else would investigations by Justice employees, including the FBI, be so slow and ineffective? The IRS’s deliberate targeting of conservative groups and the State Department and Joint Chiefs lies and failures of the Ben Ghazi affair are virtually being ignored by the FBI and Justice Department. Congressional inquires by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives are, at best, lackadaisical. After the debacle of the Supreme Court’s rewriting of the Affordable Care Act to make it constitutional, can we count on the judicial system to protect the Constitution from the executive branch’s routine usurping of the powers reserved to the Congress? Probably not.

(10) Corrupt the civil service. The IRS, FBI, STATE, EPA, HHS, ENERGY, JUSTICE, EDUCATION, DEA have all lost their claim to being politically neutral. They are, or seem to be, fully on board with the Progressive Party, once the proud Democratic Party.

(11) Weaken the military. Successive deployments have worn down the troops. They need more manpower, not planned cutbacks. New weapon systems need to be planned and procured. The Joint Chiefs of Staff needs to be composed of people who are not afraid to tell the truth and who will not lie to protect the White House. Mission creep turned the campaign in Afghanistan from victory into a defeat. Nation building is not something the military or any part of our government knows how to do. The War in Afghanistan under the current rules of engagement cost us many of our best and bravest.

(12):  Protect the message. Everyone in the Progressive Party must be on the same page. It doesn’t matter if the message is true. Over and over with the big lie while at the same time doing everything possible to censor the opposition. Outspend them, use the power of the government to criticize and punish the media outlets that print and broadcast news that is not favorable to the administration. Fox News and talk radio are examples of  uncontrollable media outlets. Witness the recent effort by the FCC to send its people out to newspaper media outlets to query them on how they decide to publish an article and what is their political position. Under a law-abiding administration, this would be prevented by the Constitution.

If the current governing process is continued, you won’t be able to recognize what is left. Your freedom and control of your own destiny will only be memories. It will  be a coup by a “thousand cuts.” Wake up, America, while there is still time.

By the author of the Jack Brandon novels.


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