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How much of this whining do we have to hear from the ideological purists of the Republican establishment? They had their chances and failed every time. They supported two flawed candidates, McCain and Romney. We gave them control of the Senate and House and they failed again. Now the Bushes, Romney, George Wills, the National Review and Weekly Standard pundits, Paul Ryan in his Speaker of the House position, McConnell as the Majority Leader in the Senate and failed presidential candidate Senator Graham are vowing they cannot support or vote for Mr. Trump. In the long-term who cares about them but in the short run to the elections, they should grow up and do what is good for America. That is not a hard choice if they can get over their self-appointed political guardianship of intellectual conservatism and focus on what the nation so desperately needs.

Clearly the Obama Administration will leave the nation with several critical areas that need immediate bipartisan attention. The ideological conservative purists need to focus on what is good for America and not solely on worshiping at the altar of Conservatism. These areas need a pragmatic approach consistent with the Constitution and the rule of law:

Re-establish the co-equal branches of government with the checks and  balances spelled out in the Constitution;

Control America’s national borders;

Rebuild our military force levels and weapon systems;


Make American companies competitive by reducing taxation and regulation by Executive Departments and Agencies;

As the national economy grows, pay down the debt and rebuild the nation’s infrastructure;

Shift responsibilities such as education and healthcare back to the States; and

Apply common sense to the size and scope of the Federal Government.

GOP leaders get over your purist problems and get on with fixing problems. No more ‘leading from behind’ or the ‘issue is never the issue.’ You are being paid by the people to make their lives safer and better, not to enforce your own brand of ideology of government. Get with the program. Take on the issues. You may not get another chance. Socialist and Progressive controlled governments do not give second chances.




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In a few hours we will see the Republican debate from Detroit. But what have we learned so far? Perhaps the most important thing we have learned is that the GOP establishment, that makes up the political class, does not trust the electorate to choose a candidate. Now that Donald Trump has convincingly won the title of the ‘front runner,’ the old guard is pulling out frantic efforts to stop him.

The latest offensive was a pathetic speech in Salt Lake City by Mitt Romney. It seems in the four years since he effusively thanked Trump for his endorsement, he has changed dramatically his view of Mr. Trump. Would he have made such a speech without support from the old line Republican establishment that gave us two losing candidates in the last eight years. This same group also pleaded with the Republican base to elected a Republican Senate and House in order to stop the Obama progressive program. They did absolutely nothing with the majorities we gave them but make excuses and cave into everything the President wanted. They failed to show the courage and resolve that was needed.

Trump has won all but a few state-wide contests and has energized huge across the board voter turnout. But a great number of these people voting for Trump are not conservatives or traditional members of the Republican Party. That is a good thing. The Republican political class did not listen to the old membership. Maybe they will finally figure out the people are angry and want real change from the last eight years of Obama progressivism. It is too late for them. This new movement of working people, men, women, Hispanics, evangelicals, young and old, middle class and professionals are in such vast numbers, it dwarfs the Tea Party that has now joined the stop Trump campaign.

The political pundits are chanting what is the Trump program. Tell us the plans. When he does tell them, they don’t recognize the genius and simplicity of his message. They are all looking for big government solutions where a centralized government plan must be laid out and debated. Perhaps the clearest example is Mr. Trumps version of a replacement for Obamacare. He told us that Obamacare will be replaced with private insurance that will be able to sell their plans across state lines. This is not a big government implement plan. Sure some regulation will be needed, but the essence of the plan is private companies who will put out hundreds of plans to meet the needs of the populace. Capitalism cannot exist without competition. Some government subsidies will be need to help the very poor to get quality medical care. Decentralization is the way to go. Centralization always is the plan of big government, especially those who practice socialism. Effective management comes from clear lines of command and reasonable spans of control unlike the Obamacare structure. Remember the Rollout for Obamacare?

The second important area where Mr. Trump’s plans are ridiculed by the political class is in the area of foreign trade. No plan is necessary unless you are a big government believer or a socialist. No plan could fit all trade negotiations. What does work is smart, tough, experience negotiators. The people who whine about plans for foreign trade have never really been involved in trade deals or arms negotiations. It takes smart people not plans. Please let’s stop expecting real leaders to lay out plans for every situation. Yes, the military has plans and needs them. But they are called contingency plans and there are several of them to meet a wide range of threats and they are not revealed to the general public or our adversaries.

Vote your conscience. Pay no attention to the wailings of the political class. I hope every day we will get ‘term limits’ to get rid of our professional politicians who for, too long, have stopped listening to the people.


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The nation is in trouble. Trouble, that is not the fault of either political party. We are all to blame. The problem is identifying and fixing the tax code, Government spending, social programs, allocation of resources and regulations. The problem can be fixed. Beginning to correct what needs corrected is not hard. What is hard is finding the leaders who can move us toward the required results. Leadership is sometimes defined as a person who can influence a group of people toward a specific result. If you have found that kind of leadership in our political system, you are either very kind or a lot smarter than I am. I’m from the school that believes leaders and managers are not necessarily the same thing. Managers are born out of experience. Leaders are born. Governor Romney is an example of a very good manager. The people were looking for a leader and he didn’t convince them he was that person. President Obama is neither a leader nor a manager, except of campaigning. There have been few equals of the President when it comes to winning election against formidable odds. He wasn’t born a leader and he didn’t have the opportunities or desire to learn management skills. And they must be learned in a crucible where results and progress are harshly measured. My examples of Presidential leaders are Washington, Lincoln and Reagan. Every major American industry has produced scores of good managers. Even the Government has had a few.

Don’t blame the President for seeming like he is always campaigning. He has mastered that skill and with David Axelrod in his corner, he is a winner. One of my rules of life is that no matter what the problem, people do what they know how to do. Our President knows how to win elections. Don’t fault him for talking to the people. He won on a successful campaign of dividing the populace. Don’t expect him to now work to bring the people together to solve our common problem. He can’t and he won’t. Why change when you are winning? He promised to transform America and he is making progress. To transform anything  you must destroy the existing system. Is he a champion of Capitalism, the free market, individual freedoms or the belief that economic growth is the answer to overall prosperity? Off the basketball court, I don’t believe he sees winners and those who don’t. His fair shot rhetoric means to lessen the gap between those who have too little material goods and those who have more than enough, by handicapping our best achievers.

On the other side of our political spectrum are those who lost a political campaign when all odds were in their favor. Until they figure out who they are and that the goal of political life is more than getting re-elected, don’t expect much help from them.    Fiscal cliff or not, go over it or not, is not the issue. Getting the Democrats to move back toward the center and the Republicans to move into the 21st century and both recognizing the crisis is at least half their fault, must come before a responsible solution is even remotely possible. Expect instead more kicking the oil drum down the street. Oil drums don’t kick very far, especially uphill.                                                                 By the Author of the Jack Brandon Thriller Series.


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